The Womanizer

- Are you coming? The movie starts in 30 minutes! Adam was impatient.

- Just one sec!

Samuel looked mesmerized at the beautiful girl across the street.

- Damn! She is hot! No, she is more than hot. She is divine. Heavenly. Out of this world. She is the perfect woman! Do you know her?

- You don't wanna go there!

- Why not!

- That is the womanizer!

- She is a lesbian?

- No, she was cursed when she visited China last year. Every man she sleeps with is transformed into a woman!

- Naw, nonsense!

- You know Debbie, the new girl you discovered last month?

- Yeah?

- That was Dan.

- No, come on! I slept with her. That was def a woman. A gorgeous woman.

- No doubt. But she used to be Dan before that witch over there lured him into bed. As soon as she has slept with 12 boys, the curse will be lifted. Rumor has it, she has only one to go. Listen, we have to go now if we are to get good seats!

- Sorry mate, I suddenly remembered I have promised my dad to move the lawn.

- Ahhhh, man! Shit! All right. Off you go!

- Sorry, dude! See yah!

A few steps down the streets Adam turned and looked back at Samuel.

- Hey, Samuel, that's not the way back to your house!

- Gotta run, Adam, gotta run!

This one's for Sam over at RH.

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