Guest TG Cap in black and white

Vanessa gave me this beautiful girl over at Rachel's Haven.

Sometimes the black and white format makes beauty like this stand out so much clearer.

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Semper Fi!

What made you think changing me into a sexy fox, would be such a good idea, Malcolm?

You thought the spells would make me swoon and spread my new long sexy legs for you, didn't you? That you would get yourself a willing, nymphomaniac, sex slut that would keep you warm in the winter.

Well, think again, mister! I am a marine, for heavens sake. I have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have killed more men that you have trout, and I will never obey a navy blockhead like yourself!

I am giving you a one minute head start, for our old friendship's sake, and then I am coming after you. You'd better start running!

1001, 1002, 1003, 1004....

Hey, I mean it! Start running now! That's my boy!

1010, 1011....

I like the handbag, Malcolm. Nice touch. I can keep my ammo in there and - eh - my lipstick. I have to do something about all this hair though. It gets in my eyes and makes it harder to aim.

30 seconds left, Malcolm.

Hm, I like the necklace as well. I wonder if I can get some earrings that go with that.

1056, 1057, 1058, 1059. Time's up, Malcom! I am coming to get yah!!!

This one is for Vanessa over at Rachel's Haven.

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Transgender photo story: Dazed and Confused

Bree Olsen must have the sweetest face in the adult industry!

When I found a picture series over at Brazzer's Doctor Adventures I just fell in love with all her wonderful facial expressions.

There was a TG story there that just had to be told!

Bree Olsen is playing Randy, a very disoriented patient visiting a doctor that is willing to do anything to help his client.

To get that full screen experience visit Slideshare and click on "Full".

Alternatively download the full screen PDF file on your own computer by clicking this link.


Full screen version over at Slideshare via this link (click on Full).

Alternative download site with pop-ups.


Chinatown TG Blues

Well Kyle, it is strange how things turn out, isn't it? I mean, there you go around in your humdrum ways, finding life boring and longing for an exiting adventure.

When you finally get it, it is like nothing you ever expected.

I guess you wish you were back in your apartment now, looking at another episode of Lost or whatever.

Lost you are, my friend, let there be no doubt about that. This is what happens when you visit Chinatown after midnight.

Didn't you wonder just a little bit about why this Cantonese restaurant was open at 2 AM?

Moreover, did you really have to read out the text you found in your fortune cookie out loud? After all, you must have seen that the only other guest in the restaurant was following you attentively with his eyes.

Well, you'd better hold on fast to those pipes, Kira, because this is your new life now.

The man pumping his fat dick into your brand new pussy is your pimp, Malcolm. He and the Chinese witch that owns the restaurant will share most of the profits.

Your new job has some fringe benefits, though.

You can get as much dim sum as you want for free, although you should watch your weight, darling. You don't want to scare away the customers, you know.

And that's not all. This Chinese magic has given you a very sensitive body, and some of the customers can be real gentlemen.

I am sure you will manage to get some good looking regulars that can fill you up real good and satisfy your needs.

I should know, I have been working here for more than 20 years now and I still doesn't look a day over 19. I have learned to love cock. You just have to, you know, to keep yourself sane.

As for escaping?

Well, during these 20 years I have so far not been able to set my foot outside the borders of Chinatown. If I try to cross the street into Little Italy I faint, and Malcolm has to carry me home. Now, trust me, you do not want that Kira love!

The fictional character Kira is played by Gwen Diamond in this cap, and the images are fetched from Brazzers, a rich site for TG Cap imagery.

This cap is dedicated to Kira (XtremeCSSA) over at Rachel's Haven, who turned me into a blond office slut in the sexy cap series found below.

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Fixing the PDF links

I know that quite a few of you like to download the PDF versions of my slideshows to keep them on your own computer. 

I have used Mediamax for storing these files. Unfortunately Mediamax has transformed into The Linkup. Many of my files disappeared and quite a few of the download links died on me. 

I believe I have managed to change them all, but if you are having trouble downloading some of them, add a comment to the relevant post and I will look into it.

Guest Cap: What it looks like...

Samantha from over at Rachel's H has given me the following TG Comics Cap.

What I really like with this one is the perfect fit between facial expressions and the storyline. Still, that guy looks spaced out. It must be all the estrogen in the air.

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The images seem to be taken from Brazzers.


Lady Alexia

Lady Alexia has launched a brand new TG fiction blog of an original nature, and I like it very much.

The blog reports on the thoughts of Lady Alexia, a fictional "Otherwordly Being"coming from an esoteric energy dimension.

She is, of course, the female side of the male author, and she gives him a voice to explore the sexual (as well as spiritual, i surmise) side of transgender duality.

It is not a pornographic site, although there are a few TG caps, and I suspect there will be more.

Alexia has also made a cap for me. Take a look at The New Hunter, a highly innovative approach to TG captioning.


Please let me go!

I beg you, please let me go!

You have to stop this man from doing this to me! Don't let him fuck me, pleeeeeease!

I didn't mean to steal Amanda away from you, Phil, I didn't, seriously! It just happened.

You can have her back. Just take her. Just release the spell and let me go.

You will let me go if I suck his cock? No, don't ask me to do that!

OK OK OK OK OK! I will! I will suck his cock! But he is so big. He is so fucking big! Blaaaaah. Iz diz .. slurp.. gooo enouh ... suck.. wooo you?

Nonononononononono, stop, please, stop! Don't turn me around! Don't put that horrible thing....

Ooooounghhh! Gawd. He's inside me. Noooooooo! I... ehg ... can't ... oumph ... take it... ongh....

What do you mean, Amanda won't have you? Agh! Of course she will. She loves you, I know .... oh fuck, this is so strange and... I am sure she will take you back.

The thing with me was just a silly mistake, you know. We got drunk and ... aaaaaaaaaah!... just fooled around.

It is just an explanation you know? I know that what we did was terribly wrong. It will never happen aaaaaarghain.

What do you mean, I will never be able to take a girl form you again? Of course you are going to change me back, You haveeeeeeee to.

Oh, no, don't let him touch my chest. My nipples are so sensitive. Please let go of my -- I can't believe I am saying this -- tits. Please! It feels so strange. So wonderfully strange.

Phil, please, I will give you anything. My car? Take it, it is yours! My money? Go get them!

Just let this man stop doing what he is doing to me, because I don't know if I can't hold back any more. It .... just... feels ... too... fucking ... goooooooood!

This cap is dedicated to Tiffany, who gave me the magical cap you find below.

The images are from Brazzers.com, a site I am testing out at the moment. I will let you know if it is any good.

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Translate my pages into other languages

Babelfish is not perfect, but it helps those that do not understand Enlgish well read a site.


Transgender Hypnotherapy

The Allisoninlove site is no longer among us, but the Resistance Dissolver can still be found.

Be warned. If you never wanted to be a girl before you will after having watched this video.


Hillbilly Horror over at Freya's

Freya has published a new photo story by yours truly.

It is called Hillbilly Horror and tells the story about two young men who get stranded near to farm far out in the countryside.

I have to give you a warning, though: It contains strong BDSM elements and is definitely the most brutal tale I have told so far.

Go to Freya's Rebecca page and scroll down to read the story.

The images are from Sex and Submission!

Click here s to download full screen PDF file (5 MB).

Secondary download server.

Guest Cap: Still Single

This one has a wonderfully evil twist. It is a gift from Crystal over at Rachel's.

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My original cap to her can be found here.


Guest Cap: Home Early

Kristi over at Rachel's Haven has given me a wonderful trangender comic strip I would like to share with you.

Click on the images to enlarge!

In return I have given her my first transexual caption.

How Tony was Forced into Becoming a Transexual

Hey there! My name is Kristi. I see that he is trying to recruit you as well.

I am losing it. I truly am. I have tried so hard to keep just one small part of my old self alive. To uphold that person I once was, and to spite that fucking bastard, but I feel myself slipping away.

I don't know why he selected me in the first place. He has a good eye for that female potential, I guess, and he has done this before. Since you are here, I guess you know everything about him and his huge inheritance.

Money and power corrupts. I know that now, because this man has used his power to fulfill all of his fantasies, and I mean all! There are some dreams that are supposed to remain in our heads, but he doesn't care.

I was -- like you, I guess -- invited to one of his parties, tempted by pussy and booze. I never left. He told me in his soft voice that the mob was watching my parents and my two younger sisters, and showed me a video to prove it. If I didn't do what he said, he would torture and kill them. Do you remember the Veronica Smith murder? That was him.

I have been on pills for more than a year now. These two babies are the happy result of hormone creams and expensive surgery. He has his own cosmologist, and she has done wonders for my skin.

He wants me to keep my dick. It turns him on, he says, and sometimes he goes down on me. But mostly I am the one sucking dick in this house.

He started fucking me a couple of months ago, after having presented me with new pictures of Marge, my youngest sister. It was painful at first, but now my ass have become a perfect fit for his penis.

And the problem is that I am starting to like it. I like feeling his rod pumping in and out, in and out, filling me up. I like wearing scanty dresses and sexy pantyhose, and I like the thought of turning him on, and the fact that a man desires me.

I have lost my family, but I have saved their lives. I take comfort in that. But he is all I have now. So I beg you, run away from here before he captures you as well. I do not want to be replaced!

Images by Tranny Surprise.

There is, of course no connection between the fictional character of this story and the model depicted.

This cap is dedicated to Kristi in gratitude for the wonderful comic strip cap she has given me.

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The Prisoner of Doctor Trauma, a TG horror story

The TG ficition world is full of forced transformations, men being feminized and emasculated against their will, then humiliated and degraded.

The violence relieves any feeling of guilt, I guess, and it also takes away the burden of having to make yet another important and risky decision. If you are at the mercy of others, you have to let yourself go. Besides, deep inside, you want to become a woman!

Mr. Pendrake makes an appointment with his general practitioner, and soon finds that there is something about him that is not quite right.

When he decides to find another doctor, it is to late, however. Dr. Trauma has made use of modern medicine to shift Mr. Pendrake's life onto a totally new track.

Say no more!

This is a very explicit photo story, that may offend some of you. If you have no interest in BDSM whatsoever, skip it. There is so much more to read here. If you have some interest in bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, however, you are in for a treat.

And again, folks, this is a sexual fantasy. Under no circumstance do I condone sexual violence in real life!

Click here to read the full screen version over at Slideshare, or download the PDF-file by clicking on this link.

The images are taken from Sex and Submission. There is, of course, no relationship between the fictional characters and the models depicted. Sex and Submission assures me that no one were hurt during this photo shoot.

Alternative download server.

Introducing TG Extreme trangender stories

When I asked you about what you wanted me to write about, several mentioned more hard core TG stuff, including BDSM and stories and caps containing transexuals.

I have decided to do my best to fulfill all your wishes, so today I am introducing TG Extreme, a series of TG stories of a tougher caliber.

If you see the TG Extreme logo, you will know that this is a story not for the faint of heart.

This is HBO doing XXX, not Hallmark, if you catch my drift.

Don't worry, though, I will continue writing more R rated and subtle caps and stories as well.

Two high quality TG caption blogs

TG Captions are, if you do not already know it, microstories with a transgender theme made by adding a short text to one or several pictures.

The most important tool for publishing and sharing TG Caps used to be various online groups, and you will still find some thriving communities over at Yahoo! Groups.

It seems to me, however, that much of the TG Cap production takes place over at forums like A Bimbos Sanctuary and Rachel's Haven,

A few captioneers have decided to use the blog format to present their works. There are quite a few TG caps at the site you are visiting now.

Here are two other TG Cap sites you may find interesting.

Forced Femme Fantasies is -- as the name implies -- a blog focusing on the theme of forced femdom. It does so with a lot of creativity and a wonderful sense of humor.

If you want to see men being forcefully changed into meek sissies, this is the place!

Then there is Brenda Bit Tit's blogger blog. It is a young site with fewer captions than Forced Femme Fantasies, but there are some very well layed out series here, a lot of sexy girls and some great compositions.

Like me, Brenda ends up with writing longer stories, just the way I like it!

If you know of more TG Cap blogs I should know about, do not hesitate to add a comment!

Time for another look at TG Comics

TG Comics is now probably the most professional TG entertainment site on the Web and the level of skill some of the artists have is just amazing.

Editor in Chief Femur recently presented one new artist that just blows my mind: Ian Samson. The short but sweet Empathy is definitely worth a visit. See the Ian S artist page for more by him.

And if you haven't done so already, start reading the fascinating computer generated series A Second Chance by CBlack, about a couple who is about to have their sex life renewed at a special spa.

For another computer generated comic strip, take a look at Daddy's Prom by Infinity, about a rather nasty piece of a father-in-law that ends up at the prom (apparently, the story is ongoing). This story has actually animated panels with big tits jiggling!

Then there is Femur's own The Hot Date, about Kyle who finds himself the girlfriend due to some very powerful magic. I just love the style of those drawings! You'll have to be patient, though, The Hot Date (and A Second Chance) are also works in progress.

To keep track on what's going on at TG Comics, read Femur's blog.