Hillbilly Horror over at Freya's

Freya has published a new photo story by yours truly.

It is called Hillbilly Horror and tells the story about two young men who get stranded near to farm far out in the countryside.

I have to give you a warning, though: It contains strong BDSM elements and is definitely the most brutal tale I have told so far.

Go to Freya's Rebecca page and scroll down to read the story.

The images are from Sex and Submission!

Click here s to download full screen PDF file (5 MB).

Secondary download server.


  1. Anonymous5/26/2008

    Hi, the pdf download link does not work

  2. It should be fixed now. I have also put a secondary link as a backup. Mediamax/The Linkup has become totally unreliable these days, changing URLs all the time.



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