How Tony was Forced into Becoming a Transexual

Hey there! My name is Kristi. I see that he is trying to recruit you as well.

I am losing it. I truly am. I have tried so hard to keep just one small part of my old self alive. To uphold that person I once was, and to spite that fucking bastard, but I feel myself slipping away.

I don't know why he selected me in the first place. He has a good eye for that female potential, I guess, and he has done this before. Since you are here, I guess you know everything about him and his huge inheritance.

Money and power corrupts. I know that now, because this man has used his power to fulfill all of his fantasies, and I mean all! There are some dreams that are supposed to remain in our heads, but he doesn't care.

I was -- like you, I guess -- invited to one of his parties, tempted by pussy and booze. I never left. He told me in his soft voice that the mob was watching my parents and my two younger sisters, and showed me a video to prove it. If I didn't do what he said, he would torture and kill them. Do you remember the Veronica Smith murder? That was him.

I have been on pills for more than a year now. These two babies are the happy result of hormone creams and expensive surgery. He has his own cosmologist, and she has done wonders for my skin.

He wants me to keep my dick. It turns him on, he says, and sometimes he goes down on me. But mostly I am the one sucking dick in this house.

He started fucking me a couple of months ago, after having presented me with new pictures of Marge, my youngest sister. It was painful at first, but now my ass have become a perfect fit for his penis.

And the problem is that I am starting to like it. I like feeling his rod pumping in and out, in and out, filling me up. I like wearing scanty dresses and sexy pantyhose, and I like the thought of turning him on, and the fact that a man desires me.

I have lost my family, but I have saved their lives. I take comfort in that. But he is all I have now. So I beg you, run away from here before he captures you as well. I do not want to be replaced!

Images by Tranny Surprise.

There is, of course no connection between the fictional character of this story and the model depicted.

This cap is dedicated to Kristi in gratitude for the wonderful comic strip cap she has given me.

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  1. Very cool theme.
    Yet this story, although sexy and with picutres would be great if it would be about 5 times longer, in 5 parts with gradual pictures...:)

  2. I am working on longer TS stories. Gradual transformations are hard, though, due to lack of pix.

  3. i want to force into becoming transexual too... someone, change me to transexual... :)

  4. Anonymous7/31/2012

    i want some to do this to me, its fuckin hot, i want to be transformed into a rich mans mistress and have him fuck me every night and desire me, i wish this cud happen to me, im a girl in a boys body, i love wearing womens clothing and looking sexy, i hate being in this manly body, i want to become a transexual ;) this story turned me on, it makes me jealous that its a fictional story :(

  5. Anonymous5/20/2013

    i wish someone would this to me too! i want to be surrounded by big cocks swatting me all over my face. cocks are beautiful!


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