Lady Alexia

Lady Alexia has launched a brand new TG fiction blog of an original nature, and I like it very much.

The blog reports on the thoughts of Lady Alexia, a fictional "Otherwordly Being"coming from an esoteric energy dimension.

She is, of course, the female side of the male author, and she gives him a voice to explore the sexual (as well as spiritual, i surmise) side of transgender duality.

It is not a pornographic site, although there are a few TG caps, and I suspect there will be more.

Alexia has also made a cap for me. Take a look at The New Hunter, a highly innovative approach to TG captioning.

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  1. Oh Rebecca,
    You are so kind to mention my little Blog on your site. I owe you so much. It was in finding captioned stories on your site that lead me to Rachel's Haven. I owe you for Erin and Bren coming into my life. You are one of teh best story tellers out there and a light that has helped many of us find the Sanctuary Rachel has created. Thank you so much.

    Lady Alexia


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