Time for another look at TG Comics

TG Comics is now probably the most professional TG entertainment site on the Web and the level of skill some of the artists have is just amazing.

Editor in Chief Femur recently presented one new artist that just blows my mind: Ian Samson. The short but sweet Empathy is definitely worth a visit. See the Ian S artist page for more by him.

And if you haven't done so already, start reading the fascinating computer generated series A Second Chance by CBlack, about a couple who is about to have their sex life renewed at a special spa.

For another computer generated comic strip, take a look at Daddy's Prom by Infinity, about a rather nasty piece of a father-in-law that ends up at the prom (apparently, the story is ongoing). This story has actually animated panels with big tits jiggling!

Then there is Femur's own The Hot Date, about Kyle who finds himself the girlfriend due to some very powerful magic. I just love the style of those drawings! You'll have to be patient, though, The Hot Date (and A Second Chance) are also works in progress.

To keep track on what's going on at TG Comics, read Femur's blog.

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