TG Carwash

OK, it was a stupid mistake. You don't drive into a carwash called Magic Transformation in a convertible with the hood open. You just don't!

Scott was soaked in magic soap and chemicals. He even swallowed some and found his body changing rapidly, gaining curves and soft bumps where no bumps should be.

And while his dick shrunk into a small red button a new slit opened up below it, his screams of panic climbed rapidly up to the level of a soprano.

He teared of his clothes and grabbed his new tits in shock.

"Welcome to my carwash, Erin!" A man came up behind her.

"You are mine now, darling. There is nowhere else for you to go."

He pushed her up against the car and entered her from behind.

Erin screamed in anguish as he thrust his dick into her new pussy. Soon her crying turned into sobs of pleasure, however, as magic and sex gave her a series of orgasms of a type unknown to any male.

She was utterly confused. Confused about her new body, confused about the man inside her and confused about the pleasure that rippled through her.

Suddenly felt an urgent craving for tasting his cock. She couldn't stop herself, even as hard as she tried.

She fell to her knees and drew in the musky scent of his penis mixed with her own pussy juices.

The magic had completely taken over her soul, and she started to suck hungrily.

Maybe she could get used to car cleaning.

Images from Brazzers.com. This cap is a gift for Erin in gratitude for her guest cap.

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