Two high quality TG caption blogs

TG Captions are, if you do not already know it, microstories with a transgender theme made by adding a short text to one or several pictures.

The most important tool for publishing and sharing TG Caps used to be various online groups, and you will still find some thriving communities over at Yahoo! Groups.

It seems to me, however, that much of the TG Cap production takes place over at forums like A Bimbos Sanctuary and Rachel's Haven,

A few captioneers have decided to use the blog format to present their works. There are quite a few TG caps at the site you are visiting now.

Here are two other TG Cap sites you may find interesting.

Forced Femme Fantasies is -- as the name implies -- a blog focusing on the theme of forced femdom. It does so with a lot of creativity and a wonderful sense of humor.

If you want to see men being forcefully changed into meek sissies, this is the place!

Then there is Brenda Bit Tit's blogger blog. It is a young site with fewer captions than Forced Femme Fantasies, but there are some very well layed out series here, a lot of sexy girls and some great compositions.

Like me, Brenda ends up with writing longer stories, just the way I like it!

If you know of more TG Cap blogs I should know about, do not hesitate to add a comment!

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  1. I am tickled pink that you do me this honor! Producing high-quality erotic captions is its own reward, but getting recognition from an enormous talent like yourself brings it all into perspective!

    Have your people call my people... we'll do lunch!

    Brenda Big Tits


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