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The TG Factory has launched a new site for erotic transformation and feminization photo comics.


Party like its 2099

Yet another party drug reaches the market

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Three new TG movies from Tranisa!

Samantha and Sapphire from Tranisa.
TG fantasy site Tranisa is known for its crossdresser, transformation and feminization videos.

This is all soft core stuff, but very imaginative, very erotic and made with a lot of British humor.

Now that Tranisa has released no less than three new videos, they have decided to publish their first "making of videos".

Here is superstar Samantha Alexandra talking about her role in the production of these movies.


Rory's penis is so small that the doctors decide total feminization is the only option.

Convinced that women are more intelligent than men, Samantha and Sapphire convinces Rory to take an IQ test. The bet does not end well for Rory.

Samantha and her husband Rory are on holiday together to celebrate their anniversary. Unfortunately Rory's luggage goes missing. Crossdressing is the only option.

Tranisa has more!


Say Hello to TG News!

Viola over at World of TG has gathered an impressive bunch of TG fiction savvy people for her new TG news service.

Among the new reporters we find Lilac Wren, Cheryl Sussex, Miss Mako and Terrie Nova, and more people will apparently join the team.

The new blog presents news about TG fiction, captions, movies and other issues of interest to readers of this blog.

Click here to visit TG NEWS!


The Rider

Inspired by the pin-up universe, a mini-cap for you.

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TG Transformation Movie: The Office

There is a new site devoted to TG transformation movies called Soft Skin Video. It has republished a few videos found elsewhere on the web.

Recently, however, it also posted a brand new video mashup called the Office. There is a cap that might serve as an introduction to the story! You can see the movie here!

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Supernatural fan flick takes on gender bending

I recently made a photo comic inspired by the TV series Supernatural.
Dean as a woman.

Now it turns out there is  fan film where Dean and Sam are transformed into women, and it is not bad either.

(Nope, this is not a story of the erotic kind...)

You can read more about The Other Side here!


Body Swap TV Drama by the Kloons

OK, I like the humor in this body swap Internet TV drama.

Mitch and Lauren switch bodies and have some big realizations.

The series is made by the comedy group the Kloons. They say that their mission  "is to create imaginative media and kaleidoscopic experiences by providing a collaborative platform through film, live performance, and social experimentation."

Well, it doesn't get any more experimental than this.

Two more episodes below the fold!

 Here is part 2:




The Budapest Body Swap

 Isabelle Torres was a girlfag who wanted to explore the life on the other side. And in order to achieve that, she needed his body.

He was lured into cold and wintery Budapest under false pretences.

Another TG photo comic, this time starring Samia Duarte from Reality Kings!

If you are using an iPad or tablet, read the story over at Slideshare!

You can download the PDF here and here! (Now smaller file size!)

Guest caps: Shhhhh!

Here are some new guest caps from my friends over at Amazing Transformation Comics!

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The Piano Tuner

Inspired by the ancient comic universe, a mini-cap for you.

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Alien artefacts

Be careful if you find alien artefacts!

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Fracture: Divergence, an MTF fantasy novel

Some of you may remember my review of Erik Schubach's lesbian love story, Music of the Soul. 

At the time I asked: "Does there have to be a transformation in a story for it to count as TG fiction?"

I chose to read that book as one, even if the book had become a best seller among Amazon's lesbian readers.

Well, when I read Schubach's  Fracture: Divergence there was no doubt. This is a male to female transformation story and a lesbian love story.

We are talking fantasy romance here, with witches, wizards and other magically charged beings.

That has obviously been done before, also in TG fiction. But Erik brings in a new and surprising twist to the genre. There is no body transformation spell. Instead he makes use of a fracture between two parallel universes to throw the mage Alex King into the life of his female counterpart in the other dimension.

There he joins the witches of the Justice Coven in a quest to stop the fracture from widening and destroying both worlds.

As for the love story: His girl friend Jackie is his lesbian lover in the other universe (which takes some getting used to). And she has a very dark secret.

I am amazed by the creativity found in Schubach's universe. This is not your typical copy cat fantasy novel. It is different and exciting. I love it!

Fracture: Divergence (Volume 1)
Erik Schubach's blog
Books by Erik Schubach on Amazon


Caught in Frills

Here is another recent Tranisa feminization movie you should know about.

Caught in Frills is about Jake, another British bloke fascinated by his female flatmate's feminine clothing.

Caught touching her pink garments he is caught red handed by his girl friend and her two female friends. They decide to punish him for his gender transgressions by dressing him in the prettiest pink multi-layered frilly nightie, moving on to a lovely white lace dress complete with lacy undies.

Yepp, this is another crossdressing fantasy from the British masters of soft-core feminization movies.

Sapphire Blue, Red, and Samantha Alexandra hit the tone of understated British humour I like so much, and newcomer Jake Gaston does a decent interpretation of the humiliated guy. Or maybe it isn't an interpretation?

You can see the trailer here!


Astaroth Part 2

I know that many of you have asked for more lesbian stories, and I am glad to say that the Astaroth two parter does include lesbian love scenes.
Shae Summers from RealityKings

Frank has made a deal with a demon and become Frances. Frances is now working together with demon hunters to rid the world of Astaroth and Andras, the spawn of Hell.

But how do you do that?

Read on to find out!

Read part 1 first!

You can download the PDF versions here and here!

There is also an epub version.

If you are using and iPad/tablet you might want to read the story over at Slideshare.

Click on the four arrow symbol below for that full screen experience.

Imagery from RK.com and Brazzers.


The Fall of a Dominata

Remember Kate's Dominata series which I published here in March?

She has now shared a brand new edit of it, and I am publishing it here for your pleasure. I am also adding an additional cap set in the same universe, which she made for Linda Mallone over at Rachel's Haven.

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I am a bit of a fan of the Supernatural TV series. At least from season 2 onwards. I thought I might explore a supernatural universe filled with demons and strange magic.
Abigail Mac and Shae Summer from RK.com.

I found some amazing pictures of newcomer Shae Summers over at Reality Kings, and bit by bit the story about Frank, the shy guy who became a female demon hunter came to life.

This a long two parter -- a photo novel of sorts. Don't read it all in one go!

You can download the PDF here and here.

If you want the epub version click here or here!

Part two follows on June 6!


My Secret Life

Inspired by the pin-up universe, a mini-cap for you.
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New Film from Tranisa: Office Girl 2

My friends over at Tranisa have produced a new batch of erotic, softcore, crossdressing films.

I am going to start with Office Girl 2, which brings feminism up to a new level.

Jake is to present his underwear promotion video to Red, the intimidating boss of the  lingerie company and her two other female employees.

Red, Sapphire and Samantha all find his video crude, and offensive to women.

Red is so angry that she gives the task of making Jake better understand women to Sam and Sapphire. Both Sam and Sapphire realise the importance of this assignment and decide to transform Jake into a female called Julia.

I have said this before, but it needs to be said again: The chemistry between Tranisa's favorite actors is just getting better and better, which means that what could have become a farce, instead becomes great erotic comedy.

And Red: Well, his days of male privilege are definitely over!

You can buy and download the whole movie here!

JW Player goes here


Unwrapping the Gift

I guess it was their anniversary or something.

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Butterfly Hill: Lost and Found

There are several trips to the
Butterfly Hill drug store in this
episode. Find out why!
Model: Nadia from RK.com.
Butterfly Hill is a hidden town, found only by those drawn til it. It lies in Nevada somewhere, but does not appear on maps or satellite images. And everyone who appears in Butterfly Hill is changed for life, if he or she sleeps there.

In this episode a man finds himself lost on the Nevada roads, finally arriving in Butterfly Hill, A girl in the drug store gives him a strange warning.

This is a free standing episode from the Butterfly universe, and not part of any of the longer stories.

I am remixing images from several videos made by Reality Kings here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the RKscripts ;)

You can download the full screen PDF from Mega or Box.

Click here for all the Butterfly Hill posts in reversed order!


Rebecca Remixed 10

Yes, it is time for another caption remix. As always there are a lot of previously unpublished photos!

You may download the PDF here or here!

If you are using a tablet or iPad, you might want to read it over at Slideshare.


Amazing Transformation Comics

Illustration by Wendy Thorne
You may want to take a look at Amazing Transformation Comics , a new online story devoted to comics in the realm of TG transformations, sissyfication, feminization and shemales.

Most of the comics are digital art, but there are also some hand drawn stories.

Do take a look!


Some More Girl Time from Rachel's Haven

I have a message from Rachel over at gender bender social site and caption heaven Rachel's Haven!

"The [original]  'A Little Bit of Girl Time' Short Story Collection was created with two purposes in mind: to provide quality transformation and transgender content and to act as a fundraiser for the Rachel's Haven community.

"In the past month, fourteen authors endeavored to create thirteen stories. Each story was edited by the publisher, a cover created, and compiled as an ebook for easy access anywhere someone might be. Each author gave their work freely so that all the proceeds from any sales would benefit Rachel's Haven.

Without further ado I present to you the very second volume of the A Little Bit of Girl Time collection, now selling at these fine retailers:"

by S.A. Ravencroft
Come visit Rio during the vibrant and sexy Carnival Holiday! There is magic in the air and we have your ticket. Come down and see the sights, enjoy the music and even be part of the parade. You won't be the same after your visit to this exotic place.


What did you just do?

Those of you who read The Other Side of Your Soulwill be better prepared.

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Online Trading

You never know what you get on the Internet.

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Single Malt

From the barrels of old Scotland, we bring you redemption!

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The Librarian

Some men dream of a beauty they cannot have, because they want to be that beauty and not possess it.
Missy Martinez from Brazzers

He was a librarian. He loved books, and the fact that he could hide away from it all in that place. The books provided an escape from whatever pain he felt.

Then one day he found a very different book, a book that would change his life forever.

Tablet/iPad users may want to read this one over at Slideshare.

You can download the free PDF here or here!

The photos of Missy Martinez are from Brazzers.



Here is one I originally published over at my tumblr blog.

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Club XX

Here is a slideshow/cap series I made back in 2011. Never got around to publishing it, though.

If you are using a tablet you might want to read it over at Slideshare.

You can download a PDF version of the presentation here or here!

Images of Lisa and Liz from Sextronix.


Wicked Makes an MTF Bodyswap Movie

Let's admit it: Porn is most often very boring. Arousing, yes... but unimaginative. And this also applies to the few male to female transformation porn movies out there.

Wicked recently released a new male to female bodyswap movie.

Kim and David have two kids and a nice home in the suburbs, but their marriage has become rocky.

After a heated argument they both wish that the other could see things from his or her point of view. And yes, when they wake up, they find themselves forced to live the life of the other.

Is it any good?
Stormy Daniels from the movie

Well yes, but not for the reasons you might expect. It has clearly not been made by transformations enthusiasts. David does get to have lesbian sex as a woman, but that is not the main point here. The rest of the sex scenes are, as is often the case, simple add ons to the story, pretty much unrelated to the plot (which is why there are no explicit scenes in the clip included below).

No, the surprising thing about this movie is that it is actually very funny in a family sitcom kind of way. Stormy Daniels, who plays the body of Kim, and Michael Vegas, the body of David, do some really decent comedy acting.

This is a study of gender stereotypes, dammit!

You can buy and see the movie here!

You can see my clip here!