Return to Babylon Academy (17)

His mother did look very young. He knew that. He had reckoned she had good genes and that she ate well.

She had also urged him to start studying at the Babylon Academy. That had seemed sensible to him at the time, but now that he had arrived, there was a lot of weird things going on that made him wonder.

There was, for instance, the fact that they turned boys into girls as a kind of disciplinary measure.

What was that all about? And had his mother known?

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The main part is played by Taylor Chanel from  Brazzers, a set of sites overflowing with visual candy!


Lesbian Love

"Leslie, I have something to tell you!"

My wife had her serious face on.

"OK," I said. "But why is Annie here?"

"She is my lover, darling, and she is here to help you!"

"Your lover? Are you kidding?"

"No, I have always preferred women, and married you for the money. But you are a nice guy and I have come to love you, so Annie is here to fix your deficiencies."


"Yes, all that body hair and that silly thing you have between your legs. You know..."

"No, I don't!"

"Anyway, Annie, do your thing. I am sure she will get it after you cast your spell!"

I did, I surely did!

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Photos of Rilee from RealityKings.com.


Guest Cap: Rebecca's Double Trouble

Here is another story written by Jay. And ain't that girl stunningly beautiful?

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Box.net error

I got a report from one of my readers (thank you!) about error messages delivered when trying to download PDF files from Box.net.

It turned out Box.net had changed all the settings in my account. I have reset them now, and hopefully the links will work correctly now.

By the way: I have built in some redundancy in the system as you may download the files from Divshare as well as Box.net. If both of them should fail, you may even download the PDF from Slideshare.


The Hunter and the Prey 3

Gary is now the king of the criminal underworld and using his magic spells he makes sure any of his competitors tremble in fear.

Johnny and Andy are trying to adapt to their new lives as amazingly sexy women, while Gary's old boss, Favio, fixes his maid uniform.

This one is for all you maid enthusiasts out there!

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Images of Lisa del Sierra, Tiffany Brooks and Sheena Ryder from RealityKings.com.

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"A quick little latte TG cap to go, please!"

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The Wish 1

There once was a might witch, who -- for a sufficient fee -- would change reality for you.

She would follow your wish to the letter. She was not equally good at interpreting the spirit of your request, however. And she had a wicked sense of humor. But then again you cannot have everything.

Jim Sinclair was tired of his hard, boring, meaningless life and wanted to be released from his suffering.  He wanted a life full of pleasure where someone else had to make the hard decisions.

He got what he wanted, sort of.

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Photos of the witch (Danielle Maye) from 1 by Day. 

Photos of Jenna Presley from Reality Kings. You can find the relevant video over there.

Rebecca's World: The Slowdown

Just an update for my regular readers:

As you might have noticed there has been a certain slowdown in the number of postings lately. There are several reasons for this:

I lead a very busy life online, with several blog, TG and non-TG, and I may have taken on a little bit too much.

My off-line life has become more intense. I am not complaining. Having an interesting and fulfilling job is a gift, but it also leaves less time for other activities. Besides, family comes first!

I have also had some technical difficulties with Slideshare. They have promised to fix the problem and I have found a way around it, but this adds some more work.

The fact is that I have close to 15 photo comics in the pipe line, and there are even more to come.  The problem is therefore not lack of content, but a hiccup in the delivery process.

I have decided to focus on getting the photo comics online, as this is where I can give some added value compared to all the other delicious TG caption blogs out there. I love making these comics, and I seem to be the only one to do so on a regular basis. For me they are more rewarding than spending an equal amount on time on a one or two panel cap. I guess I need a broad canvas.

So here is what I am going to do: I am going to publish at least two full fledged photo comics every month, and I will try to give you no less than two posts every week.

I will do my best to respond to comments and email as soon as possible, but please do not be offended if this takes a week or two. I love to hear from you, and please continue to give me tips on new blogs, books, movies and sites!

To my friends over at Rachel's Haven: Thank you for all the wonderful caps. You will get gifts in return in time!

What I am saying is: Stick around. Be patient. There are more amazing transformations to come!

Happy Birthday DeeDee!

Dear friends!

Welcome to DeeDee's birthday party!  I am so glad you could all make it! Aren't we DeeDee?

Well, some of you may find DeeDee a little bit confused today. That is because she has been through some dramatic changes.

Yeah, I know, that is what being a teenager is all about, but as some of you will know, until this morning DeeDee was, in fact, a man called Damien Drake.

Yepp, DeeDee was  the famous millionaire and owner of Drake Software.

Now: His beautiful wife, Nancy (hello Nancy!) got tired of all his cheating and got him declared mentally unstable.

She has now taken over the company and all its assets, and DeeDee here is undergoing what is called rejuvenating gendercrossing behavioral psychotherapy.

Nancy believes that 18 year old girls never cheat. I guess I could say a few words about that, but I am not going to, because this is your day, DeeDee.

I would like to welcome you back to the world of acne, heart breaks and embarrassing fumbling in the back seats of cars.

Welcome to a world where every single male around you wants to get into your pink panties, and -- may I add -- some of them will succeed. I am afraid the therapy includes some loss of intellectual faculties.

What? You do not know what the words "intellectual faculties" mean?  Yeah, well, that was my point exactly.

Anyway. Good people! Eat, drink, dance and be merry! And DeeDee: Happy Birthday!

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The photos of Vanessa Cage are from Brazzers.com, my favorite source of photo material.


Slave to Love

You do not mess with the Mexican mafia. But he was young an naive.

That saved his life, but not his humiliation in front of the boss.

A short story about forced feminization.

The images are from Tranny Surprise (part of the Reality Kings package) and Shemale Sissification.

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