Lesbian Love

"Leslie, I have something to tell you!"

My wife had her serious face on.

"OK," I said. "But why is Annie here?"

"She is my lover, darling, and she is here to help you!"

"Your lover? Are you kidding?"

"No, I have always preferred women, and married you for the money. But you are a nice guy and I have come to love you, so Annie is here to fix your deficiencies."


"Yes, all that body hair and that silly thing you have between your legs. You know..."

"No, I don't!"

"Anyway, Annie, do your thing. I am sure she will get it after you cast your spell!"

I did, I surely did!

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Photos of Rilee from RealityKings.com.

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  1. I wish all of the captions were this hot.


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