Happy Holidays!

Drawing by Kennel. There are some great crossdressing and transformation comics by Kennel over at TG Comics.



Club Atlas

You better know what you are doing, if you want to become a member of Club Atlas.
Click on captions to enlarge! (Photos from Babes.com)


Size Does Matter

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Desperate time requires desperate measures. If you cannot get laid, grow a pair... of tits.


Blue Tea

Another feminization fantasy from Feminized. Click on image to enlarge!


Joybringer - a feminization science fiction story

FemFluxx has published this month's feminization photo comic. This one is by Morgana, which means that we have to be prepared for some pretty humiliating experiences.

A big multinational company has developed a technology that allows for body modifications of space colonists. Needless to say, it can also be used for feminization purposes.

Click here to read or download the feminization story!


The End of the Road

Sometimes you like it... Click on cap to enlarge.
Another sissy fantasy from Feminized.org.


Run, my friend, run!

So what do you do? Do you run for your life or do you stay for a new life?


Classic TG caps from November and December 2009

We are continuing with uploading classic caps whose links have died on our site.

Here are the ones from November and Desember 2009. (Click on images to enlarge!)

More below!


From A to Z

Magic grows out of chaos. Be careful with it! (click on cap to enlarge!)


To The Highest Bidder

Bigger is better. Click on cap to enlarge!
(Another big tits feminization TG caption from Feminized.org)


Eve now

There was something in that sullen look that made us think of this scenario.


Three Wishes (New MTF transformation comic from FemFluxx)

FemFluxx has published its monthly feminization photo comic update.

This month they present a good old fashioned genie in a lamp story. If you are into magical transformation stories, you will like this one.

The comic is free, as always. No annoying pop-ups and that sort of thing.

Read or download the MTF transformation story over at FemFluxx.


Classic Rebecca Caps 2008

One of our readers made us aware of the fact that some of the links to full sized captions from Rebecca's World have died on us.  These are captions from back in 2008 and 2009, stored here at feminized. org. The thumbnails are there, but they do not open the full sized images.

We are in the process of fixing the original posts, and has covered 2008 so far.

I am afraid we can only fix Rebecca's captions. The original images for the guest caps have been lost.

Here are some captions from 2008.


Problem Solved

Who cares about your small dick if you have great tits? Click to enlarge!


New free feminization comic from FemFluxx: "Janet and Isabel"

FemFluxx has published a new sexy feminization comic by The Foxx, called Janet and Isabel.

It is free and can be downloaded from the FemFluxx site (with no annoying pop-ups and all that crap).

This month's story is about a group of three male hackers who desperately need info on the security measures of a big financial firm, and the only person who can get to the right leader is a woman.

They decide to use magic to impersonate that woman -- in the flesh (and some sexy flesh it is!)

Click here to read or download the new feminization photo comic!


The Handmaid

Next step: You becoming a knocked up handmaid. Click on cap to enlarge!


Charlee Chase goes gender bending

Charlee Chase
There are some female erotic entertainers out there who makes videos based on the wishes of their followers. I guess you have to pay to have them made.

Charlee Chase has made two male to female feminization videos that should be of interest to readers of this blog.

They are not technologically advanced, but they are made with a lot of enthusiasm and imagination.

They will get your juices flowing!

Here they are: Gender Transformation 1 and 2!


Becoming Syliva (and more)

This is what happens when a man stupidly agrees to being a woman for a day.
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Pandora - a new MTF transformation photo comic from FemFluxx

The Foxx has published a new male to female transformation photo comic over at FemFluxx.

What would you do if a friend told you he knew a witch that could turn you into a sexy woman, for real?

Read or download the comic for free over at Fem Fluxx (absolutely no pop-ups and that kind of nonsense!).



Paradox Alice -- gender bending science fiction

In case you haven't found the gender bender movie Paradox Alice yet:

It’s 2040, and a group of astronauts have been sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve water from Europa, one of the several moons orbiting the planet Jupiter.

After narrowly escaping the moon to head back home, the team discovers that a nuclear war has left Earth uninhabitable.

While the remaining male astronauts come to grips over their losses, one of the crew members spontaneously transforms into a woman.

This is a full feature movie made by Mako, well known for her many MTF transformation movies.

You can watch this movie for the transformation scene only. It is definitely a B movie, and the critics have been harsh, but it is made by one of ours!

The movie is available on iTunes, Amazon.com,  and YouTube.

For those who find the ending a bit confusing, there is also a comic book sequel to the movie, available over at Lulu.

See also Paradox Alice on Facebook.


A new feminization transformation fantasy from FemFluxx: The Druids

FemFluxx has published a male to female transformation photo comic that will please the MILF supporters among you.

Click here to read or download The Druids, all free and with no pop-ups.


Girl for a day

Another MTF feminization caption series from Feminized.org!

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The Cube Transforms You!

FemFluxx has published part 2 of the Cube, a story about an alien transformation artefact ending up in the hands of a male to female crossdresser and -dreamer.

In this episode things are getting somewhat out of hand, as friends who had never had any fantasies about being the other gender suddenly find themselves having new and exciting feelings and desires.

Read The Cube Part 2 over at FemFluxx.

Part 1 can be found here.


A little bit embarrassed

Model: Kendra Roll (W4B)

Sure, you had protested and begged them even not to transform you. Becoming a girl would be so humiliating, and all your friends would laugh at you. But you had committed your crime and this was your punishment. 

And you had to admit to yourself -- without telling anyone -- that one part of you looked forward to the change. What would if feel like to look down at tits? What would if feel like to cup a pussy, feeling it getting wet under your fingers? Hmmmm....


The Cube, new feminization photo comic from Fem/FluXX

Milla Marx from Reality Kings.

Fem/FluXX has published a new photo comic called The Cube.

The cube is an alien artifact that can be used for shapeshifting. An American federal agent borrows the device and show it to one of his crossdressing friends.

Needless to say: He does not miss the opportunity. This is the ultimate crossdressing: Becoming a woman in body as well as presentation.

But he does not stop there, obviously...

You can read this erotic photo comic over at Fem/FluXX.