Guest Cap: The Rebels

Here is a guest cap I got from Sammie over at Rachel's Haven.  She made me so sweet!

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Sex Talk, a new TG transformation computer game.

Last year I told you about Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, a new transgender transformation game financed through crowdfunding. You can read more about that game over at Desura.

I am glad to say that more game developers have started looking into TG fantasies, and there is another game called Sex Talk, that is ready for download. 

For the time being you may get the the text version of the game for free.

You play as James as you deal with your wife and her new magic books. 

This is an XXX rated TG game, so it would be fair to say that the risks involved with dealing with magic are severe: Mr. P. lists male to female transformation, breast  and butt expansion, pregnancy, futanari, lactation, and bimboification as some of many possible outcomes.

Mr. P. asks you   to pledge a small sum over at the crowdfunding site  Offbeatr, so that he can add illustrations to the game. The money is needed to pay the artist. The goal is to sell the game commercially. For a donation of 10 US$ you will get a free copy of the completed game.

More about Sex Talk here!

There is also a game blog.


The ultimate revenge

Andy looked up at the magician with anger and despair. He clenched his jaw, trying desperately not to think about what was happening to him.

But this was impossible to ignore wasn't it? That triumphant smile on the mage's face, the big globes of flesh bouncing back and forth upon hs chest, and that big piston of a cock moving in and out of a hole in his body that hadn't even been there an hour ago.

 "Damn you, damn you, damn you!" he wheezed with his new high pitched voice. "I am sorry I stole your car! Now, get over with this filthy business and change me back!"

 "You will find I have a lot of stamina," the wizard replied. "Oh, I keep my promises. I will change you back as soon as I have had my fun, but for that happens I will have my real revenge."

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Suddenly an amazing heat radiated from the magician's cock and into Andy's cunt. The heat felt like vibrating light inside his pelvis and it spread like wildfire thorughout his body. 

It followed his legs all the way down and made his toes curl. It ran all the way up to his head and made his head fall back as he screamed out in pleasure. His body convulsed as one orgasm after the other shook the very foundations of his being.

"Now, baby, this is my real revenge," the wizard whispered. "The fact that you on your death bed will know that this was the best sex you ever had."

 Andy pushed his pelvis up against the man trying to get as much pleasure out of him as possible, while he pretended not to notice his mocking laughter.

I found the gif over at the Fuck is Fun tumblr blog. Gif originally made by McLowland. Model: Aletta Ocean.


Magic MILF

They are up in the mountains, on the annual get-together company bonding and partying trip.
Tyler Faith from Brazzers

Sigrid, the company MILF, is disappointed. She has not gotten the promotions she had expected, and knows perfectly well it is because she is a woman and a single mother.

On a whim she calls upon the gods of the mountain to help her, and they do, letting her swap bodies with her younger colleague. Now she has the chance of competing on male terms.

Dan, however, has now become a sexy mother. How is he going to cope with that?

PDF download: alternative 1 | alternative 2

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Using iPad or Tablet? Read the story over at Slideshare!

The imagery is taken from the rich erotic well called Brazzers.com!


Guest Cap: Pumping on the Pumpkin

"Commentator" made this farm oriented cap for me over at Rachel's Haven! Vegetables are good for you.
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A Little Bit of Girl Time, the Haven TG Story Collection

In November I told you that Rachel over at Rachel's Haven, the popular TG capping community, was looking for stories for a new tantalizing TG fiction collection.

Well, the collection is now available!

Each individual story costs $2.49 on  Rachel's Haven's own online bookstore Haven Bookworks, and $2.99 at all other retailers.

As Rachel explains, this is due to their attempts to maximize commissions as most retailers cut the rate below $2.99 or above $9.99:

"The complete volume is available for $15.99 on Haven Bookworks and broken into three parts for $6.99 each on other retailers due to the same commission limitations."

Haven Bookworks also offers Gift Certificates, in case you want to give some copies to friends..

Any profits from this adventure go towards keeping Rachel's Haven alive.

These are the stories:

To Save a Life by Courtney Persephone



I decided to reframe the TG revenge scenario in this gift to Courtney over at Rachel's Haven.
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Dreamwalker 5

Imagine a race of powerful shamans, men and women who are able to take over your body while you sleep, while leaving their own body to you.
Missy from Brazzers

Imagine the havoc such people may cause, and the damage this power could bring if it came into the wrong hands -- into the hands of Graham Kent, for instance, one of the greatest bastards humanity has ever seen.

To stop Graham from becoming the new Hitler, all good forces gather to trick him into doing the ultimate mistake. Having the spell books on their side, they might succeed. Or will they?

If you are new to this series, you can read the first episode here.

Download PDF: alternative 1 | alternative 2

Download epub: alternative 1 | alternative 2

Read this photo comic on your iPad/tablet over at Slideshare

Imagery for this series by Brazzers.com and Realitykings.com


Guest Cap: The Sculptor

Arts for arts sake? No way, when there is so much you can do with it!

Here is a TG cap I got from Sarine Davis over at Rachel's Haven.
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Guest Cap. Dainty Hands

Here is a story Kate Southerland over at Rachel's Haven made for me. I love the complexity of this tale.

If you want to try out making your own caps, Rachel's Haven is the place to get advice, comments  and good friends!

After Kate had finished and published this story, she came back to me with no less than three different ending. Which one do you like the most?

Ending 1
Ending 2
Ending 3

TF media is back, with new TG and transformation stories!

The original Trasformation Media site was set up in 2009, I believe. Its purpose: To publish all types of transformation stories, gender bending included. Then the site went down.
Image from photos.com
Well, now it is back with a new design, a new logo, a new submission process and a new forum. 
You have to register to get access, but you may use a fake email account to do so.
The logo actually tells the story about what TF Media is about. TFGuy, editor and administrator, notes that its has four symbols representing the primary components of the transformation genre:
"In order from left to right, they are: a cat, the female symbol, the male symbol, and a nipple/breast. These symbolize animal, transgender, and inanimate/other transformations, respectively."
TF Media logo
TF Media is looking for new stories, and authors who submitted stories to the old site is encouraged to resubmit them.


Guest Cap: Photographic Magic

Jay Seaver makes some of the most imaginative caps over at Rachel's Haven. Here is one she made for me:

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