The ultimate revenge

Andy looked up at the magician with anger and despair. He clenched his jaw, trying desperately not to think about what was happening to him.

But this was impossible to ignore wasn't it? That triumphant smile on the mage's face, the big globes of flesh bouncing back and forth upon hs chest, and that big piston of a cock moving in and out of a hole in his body that hadn't even been there an hour ago.

 "Damn you, damn you, damn you!" he wheezed with his new high pitched voice. "I am sorry I stole your car! Now, get over with this filthy business and change me back!"

 "You will find I have a lot of stamina," the wizard replied. "Oh, I keep my promises. I will change you back as soon as I have had my fun, but for that happens I will have my real revenge."

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Suddenly an amazing heat radiated from the magician's cock and into Andy's cunt. The heat felt like vibrating light inside his pelvis and it spread like wildfire thorughout his body. 

It followed his legs all the way down and made his toes curl. It ran all the way up to his head and made his head fall back as he screamed out in pleasure. His body convulsed as one orgasm after the other shook the very foundations of his being.

"Now, baby, this is my real revenge," the wizard whispered. "The fact that you on your death bed will know that this was the best sex you ever had."

 Andy pushed his pelvis up against the man trying to get as much pleasure out of him as possible, while he pretended not to notice his mocking laughter.

I found the gif over at the Fuck is Fun tumblr blog. Gif originally made by McLowland. Model: Aletta Ocean.


  1. Anonymous1/27/2014

    Very nice twist at the end! got me dreaming about it ;-)

  2. I get so jealous when I look at that pounding...


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