Fem 1: The Addict

”You look like hell, Frank! What’s happening to you?”

“The truth is that I rarely get more than a couple of hours sleep at night anymore, Aaron.”

“But why? You have always been so careful with your health:Eating your vegetables, exercising and everything!”

“Well, I never thought that this could happen to me. I have become an addict. Nowadays, it is the only thing I can think of.”

“Addict? To drugs?”

“Well, kind of . My dealer calls it a life enhancer, though, but that doesn’t make much of a difference in the end now, does it?”

“The drug keeps you awake?”

“It makes me go clubbing all night. You know, dancing, partying and so on.”

“Don’t tell me it’s Ecstasy!”

“God no, I would never touch E! No, this one is much more addictive.”

“More addictive? Please, Frank, you need to get some help.”

“Yes, I know. That is why I am telling you this.”

“What kind of drug is it?”


“Never heard of it.”

“It is brand new on the market. Based on secret research done by one of the major multinational drug companies. They decided it was too dangerous and shelved it, but one of their employees thought he could make a quick buck and now it is out there, you know…”

“How does it work?”

“I am not a scientist. I don’t know. My dealer says it is a revolutionary new concept as the drug works on the quantum level of reality, causing a reality dysfunction.”

“Stop pulling my leg! You are making this up as you go along, aren’t you?”

“No, I am afraid not.”

“What is a reality dysfunction?”

“I dunno. It apparently rewrites the language on which reality is based. It all sounds like some Khabbalistisc gibberish to me, but the result is undeniable. It changes you completely, and not only mentally, but physically.”

“I sense a Jekyll and Hyde story coming up. You have to stop lying to me, Frank.”

“No, it changes you into the woman of your dreams. You know, with new DNA and everything.”


“Yes, really.”

“For the sake of argument: What kind of woman are you?”

“Extremely sexy and curvaceous, and with an incredible strong libido, I tell you. Hence all the partying. You see, I can’t stop taking the drug. Every morning when I wake up, the reality shift has ended and I am back in my old body. Then, of course, I am totally disgusted with all I have done, and decide never to take another pill. But when the evening comes, all I can think of is the pill, you know. I feel these urges coming over me, and I long to become female again, and so I give in and buy another dose. They are expensive you know…”

“How expensive?”

“500 grand a piece.”

“That’s preposterous!”

“I had to sell my car and everything. I will be a pauper in three months, if I keep it up like this.”

“So what are you doing that is so disgusting? Let me get the sordid details of this fake fantasy of yours!”

“The sex. I have lots of sex every single night, and I can’t get enough of it.”

“With other people?”

“Yeah, I pick them up at the club. Or rather, they pick up me. They find me irresistible, apparently. I must be producing some unreal pheromones or something…”

“And these partners of yours are girls, right?”

“Oh yes, of course! What do you take me for? Well, at least most of them are girls. Yeah, at least 50 percent are girls.”

“Are you telling me that you have sex with men in this fantasy of yours?”

“Yes, I feel very uncomfortable with it right now, but you don’t understand: I am a girl at night, and this girl is completely bisexual you know. As a man the idea of sucking…. well, it disgusts me, but when I am she I just need a hard rod to fill me up, you know…”

“Aaaagh, this is disgusting!”

“Yeah, I know, which is why I need your help.”

“So what can I do to make you sane again?”

“Try a pill!”

“Right. You want to make me addicted too.”

“Yes, you see: I know a dealer, and you don’t, so if I get you addicted as well, you will be desperate to get more, and then you will be willing to buy me an overdose just to get more.”

“You want to OD on the stuff? You want to kill yourself?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes. I want to kill my old self.. If you take 10 pills in one go, the reality dysfunction remains forever. You won’t switch back again, ever…”

“You have a weird sense of humor, Frank.”

“I know. And since you don’t believe me, you can just take the pill. It’s just harmless aspirin, isn’t it?”

“No way!”

“Ah, that’s too bad. I was totally convinced that you would say yes to help out an old friend, so I put one in your drink. The change will commence any minute now.”

An hour later Aaron had a new lover.

This one is for Sissytif

The images of voluptuous Jasmine Stone and Sheila are from DDFBusty.com.

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This story is also available in PDF slideshow format (with more pictures).

Alternative download server.


The Servant

Dear Master,

Yesterday I changed Tom, the clerk I told you about in my previous letter.

He had made his intentions clear weeks ago, giving me compliments over the photo copier, bringing me small gifts for lunch, sending me funny emails.

You know, the way boys do when their hormones override their conscious mind.

I didn't think of him as a likely candidate, I must admit, but then he made a comment that made me realize that he knew I was a T-girl.

"I am a very open-minded man," he said. "I am open for everything."

Then he looked at me in a meaningful manner, as if to tell me that everything was fine; that he liked me the way I was. He was such a sweet boy.

At this point, of course, I understood that the Goddess was strong in him. I guess I saw him in the way you saw my potential that fateful day two years ago.

He took me out to a fine restaurant. Then to a movie. An no, he did not take me to another violent gangster movie. He asked me what I wanted to see, and readily agreed to a romantic chick flick.

Afterwards I took him to my place, in accordance with your instructions. It was wonderful to see his desire took out his inhibitions.

He was all over me. He even dared to touch my dick! He was a gentle lover, as all my candidates are. It must be the woman within them, I guess.

I am going to miss his beautiful body. It felt so good when he thrust his dick up my ass.

He was a bit hesitant at first, but I gave him so much pleasure that he gave in to my wish to fill him up from behind. He was vocalizing in a good way, which is good for the magic, and as soon as my semen had filled him up, he fell asleep on the sofa.

Its magic filled his whole body, and he started to change rapidly. I know you love small curly red heads, so I pictured one in my mind when I penetrated him. And there she was, small and sexy, sweet and sensuous.

She woke up, confused, and I used that confusion to overwhelm her. I presented her with the dick she had enjoyed so much the night before. I could see how her inner woman wanted to grab it and put it in her mouth, while her slowly fading male side tried to hold back.

I caressed her and kissed her, and helped her along. I encouraged her to touch her tits. The sensation of having two highly sensitive nipples brought her off balance, and she opened her mouth and engulfed my dick.

She is a natural, master; you are going to love her fellatio!

Her breathing became more intense and her face reddened. She smelled intensely of female juices, and I could see her grab her crotch, massaging her sex urgently.

"Ask me for it!" I whispered to her. "You have to ask me for it!"

"Oh please fuck me!" she cried. "Please fill me up, Vicki, please fuck my pussy! Oh God, I have a pussy! I have a pussy, goddammit! Oh, please, fill me up!"

And so I did. This time my cum filled her whole body with magic, sealing her fate forever.

I can see her sitting in my living room now, with one hand on her left tit, the other touching her long curls. She is gazing out of the window, no doubt trying to get to grips with what has happened to her.

I will take her down to your place over the weekend, master, so that you can do what you want with her. She is ready for a man now. I know she is. She will be able to give you many sons.

I have changed 11 men for you now, making them all your servants, and I have just one to go.

I know that you promised me that you would change me back when I had done my duty, master, but I am no longer certain that I want you to do so. Maybe I could stay this way forever.

I am torn between the desire to keep my dick, because I love to dominate my men, and the urge to have a kid and make a family. Is there a way for me to have the best of both worlds?

Your servant,

This one is for Vicki.

The pictures are from Shemales Fuck Girls.

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Fictionmania back June 1st

According to a message on the Fictionmania.tv site (Fictionmania's new server), the highly popular transgender fiction site will be back on June 1st.

According to some sources, it is already online, but I cannot access it from Europe at the moment of writing.

However, you may already now submit new stories.

Let's cross our fingers...


Vickie has posted an update over at the TG Fiction Yahoo group.

Here are a few snippets from her post:

"FM is only on-and-off now-and-then back online, the temporary access URL for test purposes changing. Talea is making last adjustments to the site for its Grand Re-Opening, which is still expected June 1.(...) An Official Announcement (such as a shot from a starter's pistol) is imminent but not yet.

(...) It's been a long, slow, arduous recovery, most thanks due to FM's Founder Mindy for recovering the burnt out server and its program from Canada, then translating and adapting its code from Steve-Jobs-Speak (Mac) to Bill-Gates-Speak (Windows), and collaborating with Talea (also with Carol) to get it functioning again on an accessible new server in another location. Thanks to them too for hearing out the Task Force's opinions and advice.

It will be better than it has been for the past year or two (faster, more directly accessed). There may yet come a call for new Fearless Volunteers willing to help with editing, story preparation and entry, housekeeping, and so on.(...)"


Guest cap: A man's home is his castle ... here is his throne!

Here's a wicked one from Dementia!

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Transgender fiction in Russian

I spend some time trying to find new sites for my TG fiction directory.

One way is to track down the sites people are visiting after they visit sites like TGcomics.  You can use Alexa for this. 

It turns out quite a few of them turn to Russian sites.

Here are two that I have included in the directory.

(in Russian |
  Google translation)

This is a forum that lets readers publish their own stories. 

There are some English language pages as well, including a forum section with English translations of selected works,  but most of the links are pointing to pages in Russian. 

This is why I have included a link to a Google translation. These translations are far from perfect, but do give you an idea about what this is about.

Juliet's Corner/tgfiction.ru
(in Russian
 | Google translation)

Juliet has a blog that is somewhat like mine. It includes both caps and stories, and some would probably like to visit the site just to look at the illustrations.

I am proud to say that I found several translations of my own caps! That is not an easy feat, given my use of transparent images. 

Click on the images in this post to see a large size version of The Other Side of Your Soulin Russian. The originals can be found here: The Womanizer Airhead

Do anyone know of  sites of this kind in other languages?



My favorite comic strip in the world is Nemi made by Norwegian Lise Myhre.

Well, Nemi made me think about Dementia over at Rachel's Haven, which is why I made her the following two caps based on Lise's artwork.

(Jeg h├ąper du tilgir meg for denne homage, Lise!)

I do not think Nemi is available in the US, but if Americans want to read the comic they may go over to the Metro site in the UK.

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Don’t worry Brian!

All you have to do is to entertain Ron and me tonight, and we will change you back again tomorrow. 

Cross my heart! And your debt will be history.  All of it. We will never bother you again!

No, Ron isn’t laughing!

Are you, Ron? Promise Brian that you will turn him back again tomorrow! Ron! Ron?

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This one is for Bren.


New transformation fiction site allows for TG captions

Some of you may have noticed that I have written about the new Transformation Media site over at TFCC.

Transformation Media is still in beta,  and TF Guy, who runs the site, needs your feedback to sort out bugs and inconveniences. You can use the TF-media.net Forums for that.

What makes this site different from other TG and transformation fiction sites is that it allows for the publishing of images, read: transgender captions.

That gave me an idea:

There are a large number of forums, Yahoo Groups, old fashioned sites and Blogger blogs that publish captions right now. What if we used Transformation Media as a sort of illustrated gateway to all these resources?

What I suggest is the following:

Anyone who has made caps post three to ten of their very best  on Transformation Media. 

In the comment field he or she includes a reference to the site where it was originally published. You may even include the URL. Anyone interested in finding more caps made by this captioneer can then go to that site to find more.

TG fiction is not an area where the sites compete against each other. The most popular page on this blog is  actually amy list of TG blogs. Readers come to my blog to find other blogs, and then they come back from that blog to The Other Side of Your Soulfor more. 

I know that many people now active on the TG forums found these forums via my blog, while many of my readers found this blog through those forums. This is a win win situation, where noone loses, but where all get help to find more great content.

So: Make some publicity for TG captions over at TF-Media!


Minicap: A fulfilling life

Another short one for you. This one illustrated by Sextronix.

Click on cap to enlarge!


The Fugitive

He should have known better. Robbing millionaires in this day and age with his kind of luck could hardly go well.

He did escape from the police, though, only to end in the hands of the most gangsterish of gangsters: Mr. Lambini.

Mr. Lambini took a stiff price for a new identity and a chance at freedom. A very stiff price, indeed.

Most of the images are fetched from LoveNylons.com. (If you like that site, you should considering buying the whole Ferro fetish package).


Guest cap: No simple affair

Here's a story about science and desire from Imposter Hero...

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Guest TG cap: Slave

Heatheer sent me this sexy cap. 

You really want to click on it to see the large size version, because this one is anmimated!

UPDATE: It seems Blogger is not displaying the GIF animation. I have put up the file here!


Tantric Sex

To be honest, Dylan didn't know what tantric sex was really, apart from having heard that Sting had a passion for it, and if something was good for the Police, it was probably good for him.

Anyway, if Eliza's main wish was to have more sex with him, well, who was he to object?

Unfortunately for Dylan, Eliza was into an advanced form for Tantra where the yoga exersises were to unite the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, and let each partner experience the sensual enlightenment of the opposite sex.

Hence the day Eliza reached enlightenment Dylan found himself to his utter amazement on all four with a big dick inside him. Soft tits were bouncing on his chest while his body shook from the thrusts of his lover.

"Isn't this great, Dylan!" Eliza hollered in joy.

"I had no idea it was so fun having a cock!"

Dylan tried desperately to get her to stop, but then, suddenly, he felt a strong wave of energy flowing through his chakras, all the way to the top of his head. Dylan was about to reach enlightenment.

This one is for Dalene.

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You can find more pictures of the sexy model August over at Totally Brunette.



A Day at the Office

These are hard times. 

It is hard to say what you would have to do to keep a good job.

Well, Andy is about to find out.

This is a short little photo story I made for bimbojessica over at Rachel's.

The images are from Secretary Pantyhose.