Fictionmania back June 1st

According to a message on the Fictionmania.tv site (Fictionmania's new server), the highly popular transgender fiction site will be back on June 1st.

According to some sources, it is already online, but I cannot access it from Europe at the moment of writing.

However, you may already now submit new stories.

Let's cross our fingers...


Vickie has posted an update over at the TG Fiction Yahoo group.

Here are a few snippets from her post:

"FM is only on-and-off now-and-then back online, the temporary access URL for test purposes changing. Talea is making last adjustments to the site for its Grand Re-Opening, which is still expected June 1.(...) An Official Announcement (such as a shot from a starter's pistol) is imminent but not yet.

(...) It's been a long, slow, arduous recovery, most thanks due to FM's Founder Mindy for recovering the burnt out server and its program from Canada, then translating and adapting its code from Steve-Jobs-Speak (Mac) to Bill-Gates-Speak (Windows), and collaborating with Talea (also with Carol) to get it functioning again on an accessible new server in another location. Thanks to them too for hearing out the Task Force's opinions and advice.

It will be better than it has been for the past year or two (faster, more directly accessed). There may yet come a call for new Fearless Volunteers willing to help with editing, story preparation and entry, housekeeping, and so on.(...)"


  1. Anonymous5/27/2009

    it is partially up

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  3. Anonymous5/27/2009

    Jesus this is a long time coming, but from what I understand they are making sure it gets done right this time before going live. Can't fricken wait, I will be complete again!

  4. Anonymous5/28/2009

    I am very exicted for this day it seems like it has been years, but it has finally come. The only thing I am worried about is every tg lover of this world is going to be there june first and what if the server crashes again due to its popualrity. Its been gone for so long it has stirred up a lot of hyupe about it. Anyway I hope everything goes well and I will be there to witness it.

  5. You can take a sneak peek here:


  6. Anonymous1/21/2010


    I have been a BIG fan of your site for quite a while now!!! And I regularly use it as a "kick-off" point to search other blogs, because you list/link the best ones.

    But I could really do with some advice. I have started a blog at http://ggstgcaps.blogspot.com/ and I don't know if it is OK or not, or how to get it noticed so I can get comments to help me improve it. Can you help me?

    greyguy (of GG Caps)

  7. It looks great! I will definitely take a look at your Fictionmania stories as well. I have included a link in my directory. That should bring you some traffic. Bring up a new cap asap!



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