Transgender fiction in Russian

I spend some time trying to find new sites for my TG fiction directory.

One way is to track down the sites people are visiting after they visit sites like TGcomics.  You can use Alexa for this. 

It turns out quite a few of them turn to Russian sites.

Here are two that I have included in the directory.

(in Russian |
  Google translation)

This is a forum that lets readers publish their own stories. 

There are some English language pages as well, including a forum section with English translations of selected works,  but most of the links are pointing to pages in Russian. 

This is why I have included a link to a Google translation. These translations are far from perfect, but do give you an idea about what this is about.

Juliet's Corner/tgfiction.ru
(in Russian
 | Google translation)

Juliet has a blog that is somewhat like mine. It includes both caps and stories, and some would probably like to visit the site just to look at the illustrations.

I am proud to say that I found several translations of my own caps! That is not an easy feat, given my use of transparent images. 

Click on the images in this post to see a large size version of The Other Side of Your Soulin Russian. The originals can be found here: The Womanizer Airhead

Do anyone know of  sites of this kind in other languages?

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