Giacomo and his wife

Giacomo. Hey, Giacomo! Would please look at me for a moment?

Yes, I know that your tits are great, but could you just stop playing with them for a minute and listen to me?

Do I have your full attention now? Gooood!

I have to tell you, Giacomo, there are times I wonder why I married you in the first place.

I have changed you into a woman, Giacomo!

You have noticed, you say?

Well, I did it to humiliate you! The curse will work for seven days, and in that period you will go around looking like a well developed porn star, just like the ones I found in the magazines you hid in your sock drawer.

Damn it, Giacomo, you must have known that I would find them there.

What? You did know? But why? I am a grade A witch with a short temper, so you must have known that I would punish you!

You hoped for this? Are you out of your mind?

Hm, you really enjoy this, don't you? Damn it!

Well, there is still one thing I can do to punish you, buster! Just you wait!

It will take me less than a minute to change into a man, and then you will get what you deserve!


The pix of delicious Ginger are from DDFBusty.com.

Click on images to enlarge!

This one is, of course, for Giacomo!

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