The Servant

Dear Master,

Yesterday I changed Tom, the clerk I told you about in my previous letter.

He had made his intentions clear weeks ago, giving me compliments over the photo copier, bringing me small gifts for lunch, sending me funny emails.

You know, the way boys do when their hormones override their conscious mind.

I didn't think of him as a likely candidate, I must admit, but then he made a comment that made me realize that he knew I was a T-girl.

"I am a very open-minded man," he said. "I am open for everything."

Then he looked at me in a meaningful manner, as if to tell me that everything was fine; that he liked me the way I was. He was such a sweet boy.

At this point, of course, I understood that the Goddess was strong in him. I guess I saw him in the way you saw my potential that fateful day two years ago.

He took me out to a fine restaurant. Then to a movie. An no, he did not take me to another violent gangster movie. He asked me what I wanted to see, and readily agreed to a romantic chick flick.

Afterwards I took him to my place, in accordance with your instructions. It was wonderful to see his desire took out his inhibitions.

He was all over me. He even dared to touch my dick! He was a gentle lover, as all my candidates are. It must be the woman within them, I guess.

I am going to miss his beautiful body. It felt so good when he thrust his dick up my ass.

He was a bit hesitant at first, but I gave him so much pleasure that he gave in to my wish to fill him up from behind. He was vocalizing in a good way, which is good for the magic, and as soon as my semen had filled him up, he fell asleep on the sofa.

Its magic filled his whole body, and he started to change rapidly. I know you love small curly red heads, so I pictured one in my mind when I penetrated him. And there she was, small and sexy, sweet and sensuous.

She woke up, confused, and I used that confusion to overwhelm her. I presented her with the dick she had enjoyed so much the night before. I could see how her inner woman wanted to grab it and put it in her mouth, while her slowly fading male side tried to hold back.

I caressed her and kissed her, and helped her along. I encouraged her to touch her tits. The sensation of having two highly sensitive nipples brought her off balance, and she opened her mouth and engulfed my dick.

She is a natural, master; you are going to love her fellatio!

Her breathing became more intense and her face reddened. She smelled intensely of female juices, and I could see her grab her crotch, massaging her sex urgently.

"Ask me for it!" I whispered to her. "You have to ask me for it!"

"Oh please fuck me!" she cried. "Please fill me up, Vicki, please fuck my pussy! Oh God, I have a pussy! I have a pussy, goddammit! Oh, please, fill me up!"

And so I did. This time my cum filled her whole body with magic, sealing her fate forever.

I can see her sitting in my living room now, with one hand on her left tit, the other touching her long curls. She is gazing out of the window, no doubt trying to get to grips with what has happened to her.

I will take her down to your place over the weekend, master, so that you can do what you want with her. She is ready for a man now. I know she is. She will be able to give you many sons.

I have changed 11 men for you now, making them all your servants, and I have just one to go.

I know that you promised me that you would change me back when I had done my duty, master, but I am no longer certain that I want you to do so. Maybe I could stay this way forever.

I am torn between the desire to keep my dick, because I love to dominate my men, and the urge to have a kid and make a family. Is there a way for me to have the best of both worlds?

Your servant,

This one is for Vicki.

The pictures are from Shemales Fuck Girls.

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