Sex Change Reality TV

FemFluxx has a new erotic feminization photo comic made by Morgana.

This time she explores the possibility of a Sex Change reality TV show, where broke men can get some real money (and a new life).

Read the story for free over at Fem Fluxx!


A shout out for TG Comics

We have told you about TG Comics before, and we will do so again. It is the best MTF transformation comics site in the known universe.

Some of the comics are free and some are not, but – honestly – supporting starving TG artists is the right thing to do now during the current crisis.

This panels is from the free comic A Saint Patrick’s Day Miracle by Kannel.


Going Supernova 1

When Betelgeuse went supernova, the intense radiation caused some really weird reality distortions here on Earth.

Souls were rambled and moved from one body to the next, causing confusion, fear and anger. Some readers of this blog, however, coped amazingly well with their body swap. I wonder why.

 Video from tiktok.