There is nothing wrong with you!

No, no, no, dear Kevin, there is nothing wrong with you!

You are just going through some natural changes, that's all. This happens to a lot of men. They have a feminine side they need to explore, and therefore they put on some more comfortable clothes.

That pearl necklace is just you, darling, it really is!

What do you mean by a subliminal soundtrack? Someone is playing a tape in your bedroom while you are sleeping, you say?

Ah, I get it! No, what you are hearing are probably my own relaxation tapes. We have so thin walls in this house, it is a shame! No privacy, whatsoever.

Yes, my tapes are about becoming a woman. I am a woman, after all, and want to boost my self confidence. It is not something I like to talk about, dear. Don't worry about it. They won't affect you.

Yes, I really think you should continue to look at those Powerpoint presentations I gave you. I know that you love girls, and all those pictures of beautiful girls are bound to help you find yourself a lover.

Listen, let me give you a massage. That will help you relax. Then I can help you wax your legs and paint your toe nails while we are at it -- us two girls together, you know.

Listen, have you remembered to take your vitamin supplements today? No, don't worry, I will get them for you.

By the way, Richard is coming over tomorrow. He is so eager to meet you. He think you are the most beautiful person he has ever met. You like Richard, don't you Krista?

For Katie

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Quick Cap: Madonna?

Here's a transgender quicky for you.

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Guest Cap: The Norse Way

Here's a cap I got from Christine over at Rachel's. She has clearly grasped my weakness for big size chests!

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I have, in fact, been to that hostel. For real!


Beautiful Otherness (Genesis 2.0)

The Old Testament creation myth bugs me. 

It is so clearly a rewriting of the old Sumerian myths, where the Goddess was the creator, where the tree of knowledge was a gift to mankind, and where suffering was part of nature, not the result of some silly mistake made of Eve.

So here is Genesis 2.0 for us worshippers of the female form and spirit!

The images are fetched from First Time Videos, one erotic site I am testing at the moment. 

Unlike Brazzers and Realitykings (which I use a lot for captioning) FTV is less explicit. There are no men in their videos or photo shoots, only beautiful women - alone or together.

Moreover, they clearly use very professional photographers, and some of the compositions are just stunning!

If you have some kind of broadband, I very much recommend that you download a file to get a larger view and a much better quality:

Default choice: MP4 version optimized for your desktop (7 MB)
Download high resolution large scale Quicktime version (52 MB)
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Small size iPod/iPhone/ cell phone version (3 MB)

You may click on the triangle below to see a small size version of the video. However, I recommend that you go to my dedicated page over at DivShare to watch a larger version with much better image quality!


Beat the Bastards - the forced feminization reality show

Please stay ready for Rebecca's first photo story series!

Beat the Bastards is an eight installment long series on forced, feminization and humiliation, set in a not to distant future. 

The prisons are full and the administration has come up with an alternative form of punishment: gender reassignment and a year in servitude among concerned citizens (the so-called Designated Guardians).

This is not a new concept in TG fiction circles of course, but I have presented the stories as episodes in a rather gross reality TV series. 

With the exception of the last episode, all of them can be read in isolation from the others.

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com.

You may ask why I have access to sites covering relatively narrow fetishes like these. The reason is that they are part of a larger package that covers a large number of special interests, including everything from pantyhose via lesbian kissing and stapons to transexual.

In other words: Here is a lot of story material. I believe the sites are Russian originally. Don't let that scare you. The quality of the photos and the videos is definitely good enough.

The first episode will be published on August 1, the rest on the first days of the following months. There are eight episodes in all.


Minicap: Little Red Riding Hood

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School Days - the original

I have gotten so much positive feedback on my previous post on transgender school days, that I have prepared a PDF containing the original cap series. That one has twice as many pictures.


Transgender school days

Principal Sorensons new school policy was brutal, but simple. Any student of the New Mayfair College for Unruly Boys would immediately be changed into a girl when caught in an act of vandalism.

The whole school was enclosed by a magic circle forged by some of the most powerful magicians in the country. Any violation of school regulations would be detected and acted upon.

Given that this unorthodox approach was not approved by the National Board of Education (not that they would believe him, anyway), Principal Sorenson had tactfully avoided telling his young students about his new policy.

Hence Chris was happily preparing to tag the brand new school brick fence with his create signature "Butch".

He didn't get started, as he soon realized that something drastic had happened. His white shirt had changed into a blouse that barely covered his (he could hardly believe this) breasts!!!

His school uniform trousers had become a very short skirt and on his feet he found feminine shoes with high heels. He screamed and screamed and screamed in a high, intense, soprano voice.

Principal Sorensen had looked forward to this, and went with a brisk walk down to the fence.

"Now, now, now. Isn't it young Christine?" he said, in that annoying voice teachers use all over the world.

He even used the "we" word: "We haven't tried tagging the wall, now, have we?"

Chris, now Christine, was still to shocked to speak and followed Sorensen meekly into his office.

The strange thing about modern students of Chris's age is that they actually are used to magic. Not in real life, admittedly, but in games, comic books and movies.

So as soon as the first shock subsided, Christine silently concluded that the Principal was using magic, that this was illegal and that he -- ehr, she -- didn't have to admit to anything.

She said so, in so many words.

Another strange thing about colleges of today is that principals like Sorensen are actually prepared for those kind of arguments. Sorensen knew that no court or school board would believe anything of what had happened here anyway, and decided to teach young Christine a lesson she would never forget.

He uttered another spell, and Christine found herself submerged in new and intense feelings and fantasies. Her new female body took over, pumping female hormones into her hot bloodstream.

Strong images of a phallic nature filled her mind, and when Sorensen pulled out his dick, she felt compelled to touch it. She tried as best as she could to resist her new urges, but she soon found herself sucking his dick, eagerly.

Next he lifted her small body up on the table. Sam found that her new muscles were far too weak to offer any resistance.

Besides, all these new, strange and dangerously delicious feelings made her dizzy and aroused, and some part of her looked eagerly forward to what the Principal would do next.

He lifted her legs and thrust his dick into her pussy. Christine cried out, in fear at first, but gradually his thrusting movements made her more and more horny. She could feel her face getting flushed and her brand new vagina getting moist.

When he turned her forcefully around and held her down on the table with her ass i the air, she cried both out of desperation and lust, and soon found her own pelvis responding rhythmically to his movements.

She was seriously starting to like this.

Only minutes ago she had been a pimply geek and looser. Now he was a sexy fox of a woman being rammed by a powerful man that desired her deeply.

Sam had never admitted as much to his comrades, but he was, in fact, a virgin, and the only intimate relationship he had ever had, was with his own five fingers.

This was sex of a totally different nature. This was animalistic, this was ecstatic, this was dirty and delicious and she just could not get enough of it.

When Christine finally slid down the wall in the principal's office, totally exhausted and covered in cum, she new that her life would never be the same again.

Soon the spell lost its grip on reality and Chris found himself to be the young boy he used to be.

He left the Principal's office, trembling and shaking, promising the man that he would never tag a wall again.

Deep down, however, he knew that this wasn't true. He told his best friends, Alex and René, about his adventures over their everlasting game of Age of Conan.

This was clearly more exiting than anything they had ever experienced in real life, and Alex and René dared him to try another tagging attempt. He expected as much, of course, but insisted that they join him in this blatant violation of school rules. And so they did.

Now the three of them regularly go to the new brick wall to make attempts at tagging.

They never get as far as spraying that "Bitch" tag on the wall, but the Principal still insists on punishing Christine, Alexandra and Randi for trying.

It is a kind of win-win-win-win situation, really.

Christine is played by Angelina Valentine from Brazzers.com in this cap series.

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However, this only proves that there are costs involved in running a site like this.

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TG movie: The Addiction

Mako Productions have published three "Tales from the Underground" on YouTube.

The first one, a webisode called the Addiction, has a M2F transgender transformation worthy of "An American Werewolf in London".

Episode 1:

Episode 2
Episode 3

More episodes will follow this summer.


Guest Cap: Blowing the B-Ball Game

I have always been to short for basketball. Never mind, there are clearly other sides of that sport that I am better at.

Here's a cap I got from Playin Petra.

Click on image to enlarge!


Stripped - the Bodysuit

I got great help from the participants over at the TG Fiction group retracing this amazing TG video.

It is well executed, it is funny, and -- I warn you -- pretty disgusting ;-)

It is written and directed by Mark Jackson. Stripped won the 1st Place at the Sefton Film Festival 2006, and became the No.1 comedy film on AtomFilms.com. It has been watched by well over 7 million times online.



Pretty in Pink

Do you remember the Eliot Spitzer call-girl scandal?

The governor of New York, a man known for his hard stand against prostitution, had to resign when it was known that he had used a call-girl ring regularly.

What really surprises a European like me is not that a moralist is meeting call-girls. He is, after all, only human.

What baffles me is the wife standing beside him in her white pearl necklace. Why doesn't she leave him?

That got me thinking: What would happen in the TG fiction universe if a wife was betrayed like that. What would she do with a little help from magic?

Yes, I know, you have already guessed it! But the ending surprised even me, the one that wrote the story.

By the way, any similarity between my fictional characters and any living person is, of course, totally unintended and accidental! Nor is there any relation between the models depicted and the story characters.

Alternatively you may Download the PDF file to your own computer via this link.

You may go to Slideshare via this link to see the easy to read full screen version of this slideshow (click on Full).

The images are by Realitykings, one my favorite sites for TG captioning. I love their way of presenting "real" girls, i.e. non-airbrushed photo shots made outside the studio.

Alternative download server.


Guest Cap: Ransom Note

Here's a great cap I got from Lexie.

Click on image to enlarge!

That's Shyla Stylez in the picture, which is fetched from Brazzers.com.


A Tribute to Ed Miller

Do you know Ed Miller, the absolute master of transgender breast fetishist porn (Now, that's a mouthful!)?

Well, now you know. If you are into stories about men being changed into small, young and sexy, ladies with absurdly big tits, Ed Miller is god.

Fictionmania has no less than 16 stories by him.

But don't read them all in one go. That would be like eating 16 pieces of chocolate mousse cake with cream in one setting. Spread them out!

He has not written new stories in a while, but Freya has as many as 300 TG caps made by him. I have respectfully stolen one of them and included it above.

And here is my cap to Ed!

Now where did I put that GG bra?

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Guest Cap: The IQ and Libido Increase

Here's a great TG cap from Dementia!.

I just love the look on her (my) face! Click on image to enlarge!


The end of Ron as we know him

You should have seen the look on Ron's face when I entered the room.

He looked at me with those new big and beautiful eyes of his, begging me to help him:

"Please, Adam, stop this man from doing this to me!

"He has turned me into a woman, and now he doesn't stop fucking me. I have tried to get away, but I see to be unable to move away from him."

"That's the magic potion speaking, baby," Raymond grunted behind Ron and started to rub Ron's clit. "You cannot get away before you surrender and accept your new life as a woman."

Ron let out a small yelp, as Raymond thrust his dick deeper into his tight pussy.

I could see from the look on Ron's face, that he was trying hard to control his feelings, but when Raymond started to caress his left tit, Ron unconsciously started to rub his right nipple, getting more aroused by the minute.

"Oh, Adam, why aren't you helping me?"

"Lady," I said. "Do we know each other?"

"I am Ron, damn it. I am your best friend. This man used a book of spells to change me into a woman and now he is controlling me!"

"You cannot seriously expect me to believe this," I answered. "There is no such thing as magic, and if you really don't want him to fuck you, you can just leave. I know Raymond, he is not the kind that forces himself on anybody."
Now Ron's face was flushed, and I could see that he was struggling hard to stop the orgasmic waves that threatened to break through and obliterate his resistance.

He probably sensed that such a breakthrough of raw sexual passion would weaken his old personality and give him a new soul more suited to this beautiful shape of voluptuous womanhood.

His heavy tits swayed as Raymond thrust his dick into him, in and out, in and out. My oh my! Ron had become a very sexy woman, indeed. I could feel my cock stir in anticipation.

"Adam, Adam, pleeeeease help...."

"I don't think you need help, baby," I said. "It seems to me that Raymond here is giving you all the help you need.

"Doesn't it feel good to be filled up with hard cock? Doesn't it feel good to be a beautiful, sexy, curvaceous girl being worshiped by a stud like Raymond. I mean, this is your true purpose in life, isn't it? You were meant to play with boys us like us.

"You are a beautiful girl. Why don't you hold those heavy breasts of yours? Why don't you rub that nub and dive off that cliff? You know you long to! You know that deep inside you really want it!"
I could see his eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. Then they slowly started to lose focus, and he closed them.

He was like a man hanging by the end of his fingernails at the top of a steep slope, getting so tired in the process that death by fall seemed pleasurable in comparison.

Then he surrendered. Then I could see his body starting convulsing in a long series of orgasm, ending in a long scream of pleasure.

"Yes, Rhonda," I said. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want to suck your dick, Adam," Rhonda replied. "I need your big cock now!"

Rhonda is going to be a very good friend, indeed.

Click on images to enlarge!

The pictures of "Rhonda" is fetched from Brazzers, a wonderful source of erotic imagery.

This story is dedicated to RMP42661 over at Rachel's Haven.


The Tit Collector

Here's another transgender story set in Freya's Spellbook universe.

Adam invites Phil home, where Phil meets Valerie, a girl with seemingly no inhibitions as regards sex.

It seems to good be true, but is it?

The girls are taken from Brazzers.com, one of my favorite sources of fumetti or photo novel material.

Go to my page at Freya's site to read the story! (Scroll down to the end of the page!)

You can also download the PDF file here!


Transgender Second Life: Spellbound

The first TG cap series/photo story set in Second Life has arrived.

Some weeks ago Freya over at Sexual Transgender came up with an intriguing proposal.

She and Tiyo had made a new TG story and played it out in Second Life, the most popular virtual reality world on (or is it off?) the planet.

Could I take a look at the pictures and turn it into a series of captions/slide show?

Based on their story I added text and arranged the images into a coherent whole.

I may be mistaken, but this must surely be the first TG cap series / "photo novel" recorded in Second Life? If you know of another, please let me know, and I will present it here in my blog.

The story is set in the Spellbook universe. This photo story and other caps and stories can be found in the Spellbook section of Freya's site. Be warned: Like me, Freya likes to explore the realm of explicit sexuality.

Click here to access the Slideshare full screen version
Download the full screen PDF version!

Freya can be found in Second Life under the name Chrissy Iwish where she has a group called Magic & Sci-Fi TGirls for Masters.

Tiyo is running the Yahoo! Group Transgender Second Life covering male to female magical transformations.

I have still not had the time to explore this part of the Web, but I must admit that this experiment has intrigued me. In Second Life you can definitely let your "better half" express herself.


The Artist

An artist inherits a magic medallion from his grandmother.
The medallion helps the wearer take on any human shape, and his grandmother talks to him from the grave, urging him to use it to know everything human. He so does.

But magics object of this kind can be used for many things.
So when his favorite female model fails to show up for work, what would be more natural than to ask his good friend Mark to step in?

This is the kind of thing that only happens in TG fiction, of course, but what the heck!

The images are from Totallyreadhead.com. Totally Readhead is -- apart from that red hair thing -- especially good at glamorous photo shoots and (for some peculiar reason) esthetically improved cocksucking.

As always: There is, of course, no relationship between the models depicted and the fictional characters of the story.

For an easy to read full screen version go to Slideshare via this link and click on Full.

Click here to download the full screen PDF file to your own computer!



Two Guest Caps from Vicki Santuse

Vicki Santuse has given me two beautiful Rebecca's to desire and enjoy!

Click on images to enlarge!