Transgender Second Life: Spellbound

The first TG cap series/photo story set in Second Life has arrived.

Some weeks ago Freya over at Sexual Transgender came up with an intriguing proposal.

She and Tiyo had made a new TG story and played it out in Second Life, the most popular virtual reality world on (or is it off?) the planet.

Could I take a look at the pictures and turn it into a series of captions/slide show?

Based on their story I added text and arranged the images into a coherent whole.

I may be mistaken, but this must surely be the first TG cap series / "photo novel" recorded in Second Life? If you know of another, please let me know, and I will present it here in my blog.

The story is set in the Spellbook universe. This photo story and other caps and stories can be found in the Spellbook section of Freya's site. Be warned: Like me, Freya likes to explore the realm of explicit sexuality.

Click here to access the Slideshare full screen version
Download the full screen PDF version!

Freya can be found in Second Life under the name Chrissy Iwish where she has a group called Magic & Sci-Fi TGirls for Masters.

Tiyo is running the Yahoo! Group Transgender Second Life covering male to female magical transformations.

I have still not had the time to explore this part of the Web, but I must admit that this experiment has intrigued me. In Second Life you can definitely let your "better half" express herself.

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