There is nothing wrong with you!

No, no, no, dear Kevin, there is nothing wrong with you!

You are just going through some natural changes, that's all. This happens to a lot of men. They have a feminine side they need to explore, and therefore they put on some more comfortable clothes.

That pearl necklace is just you, darling, it really is!

What do you mean by a subliminal soundtrack? Someone is playing a tape in your bedroom while you are sleeping, you say?

Ah, I get it! No, what you are hearing are probably my own relaxation tapes. We have so thin walls in this house, it is a shame! No privacy, whatsoever.

Yes, my tapes are about becoming a woman. I am a woman, after all, and want to boost my self confidence. It is not something I like to talk about, dear. Don't worry about it. They won't affect you.

Yes, I really think you should continue to look at those Powerpoint presentations I gave you. I know that you love girls, and all those pictures of beautiful girls are bound to help you find yourself a lover.

Listen, let me give you a massage. That will help you relax. Then I can help you wax your legs and paint your toe nails while we are at it -- us two girls together, you know.

Listen, have you remembered to take your vitamin supplements today? No, don't worry, I will get them for you.

By the way, Richard is coming over tomorrow. He is so eager to meet you. He think you are the most beautiful person he has ever met. You like Richard, don't you Krista?

For Katie

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