Agent Carter, another male to female transformation story from Fem Fluxx

We have not seen a new erotic transgender photo comic from Fem Fluxx since this summer. 

But now they are back with a new male to female transformation story about a male FBI agent who has to go undercover in the body of a female gangster.

Read or download this male to female transformation story over at Fem Fluxx for free!


Aphrodite Body Rentals

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"Get a new body for the summer holiday," the ad read. "Aphrodite Body Rentals takes the hassle out of body swaps."  The ad was clearly targeting women, but Roger thought he should try anyway.  The company representative was very understanding.


Knocked up

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When Andy got his maid, Anna,  pregnant, he didn't think so much about. He could pay for the abortion, he said, or she could leave and have the child somewhere else.

However, when the bulge started to show, she started to decorate the house with weird plants and she painted strange symbols of the walls. Andy was tired and decided to wait till the next day before he throwing her out. The next day he woke up in her body, in her flat at the other side of town.

No one believed him when he told them, and Anna played the role of Andy to perfection. She had, after all, studied him for two years. She sent him some money, though, telling him that she would not let the kid starve.


The Bath

 She had gotten the oil from one of her contacts down in New Orleans. It has a sweet, feminine, scent, so it had been a bit hard to get him to bathe in it. But he had succumbed in the end.

It had been a great pleasure watching his ass grown, his tits bulging out, his cock shrink into a hard clitoris. He still hadn't grasped that this was real, and that is male self was, for all practical purposes gone forever.

She would take over the company, and he would become her sexy secretary.


Body Swap, an erotic male/female body switch comic


Adam and Eve swap bodies. 

The details are not important here (although it has something to do with confused alien scientists and their attempt at understanding the concept of gender.) What is important is how the two of them manages to adapt to their new lives.

Xing Xing has a new erotic photo comic over at Fem Fluxx called Body Swap. It is free and you can download it right now. 

Go to Fem Fluxx to get Body Swap, an erotic gender bender comic.


New feminization photo comic from Fem Fluxx: The Island

Fem Fluxx has published a new erotic feminization photo comic by Morgana called The Island.

A man is invited by a billionaire to a secret private island, all expenses paid. But what is really happening on that island and what is he supposed to do?

You can read and download the comic for free over at Fem Fluxx.


Feminization Rock

 The new earpods his wife had given him for his birthday had a kind of extreme surround sound that caused a reality distortion quantum breakdown in his body, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

It was his wife that had selected the playlist, and he was starting to wonder if the inclusion of "Feminization Rock" by the Pink Witches was a deliberate move on her side.


Feminization ray

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 The store manager had thought that the instant feminization policy for male shop lifters would reduce crime. Unfortunately the local crossdreamer community got wind of the existence of the transformation ray and started stealing women's sanitary products.

None of them were willing to pay the fine needed to get the transformation reversed.


The power of feminine lingerie

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"Why don't you try on my panties and my stockings?" Eva had asked him. "You will look great."

Andrew was pretty sure his hairy muscular legs would look ridiculous in lingerie like hers.

"It is not that wearing women's underwear will turn you into a girl," Eva said. "I know men think that, but it is scientifically impossible."

She was wrong about that.


President to not be

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Rick had been a powerful politician, destined to become president one day. Which is why the other party hired a witch to turn him into a sexy woman.

Rick has not time for politics anymore. But he is a much happier person.



The Girls of Maria 2, new free TG Comic


Fem Fluxx has a new erotic MTF transformation story out. 

A state agent is trying to infiltrate a secret organization for magic and witchery, and it all ends in the way it has to end.

Read of download The Girls of Maria Part 2 over at Fem Fluxx. It is all free!


Big ass bonanza

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Greg was really into the XX pill craze. 

"Look!" he said to Phil, pulling down his jeans. "I've got a big soft ass now! You can have one like it. The pill lasts for 48 hours!"

Phil was not interested in this kind of feminization game, but Greg slipped him a pill in his coke when they went to the beach later that day.

Phil had to admit he felt pretty.


World peace

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 After the alien attack, all men where changed into women and all women into men. The aliens said that only women understood what was need to make Earth a peaceful place. The new men would have the experience of women, and the new women would learn over time.

Kenny on the other hand, was so occupied with his new body that he did not have time to think about world peace.


The Girls of Maria, another tale of magical transformations from Fem Fluxx


Fem Fluxx has uploaded part 1 of the two parter  photo comic The Girls of Maria.  

You will not be disappointed. Beautiful girls. Male to female transformations. A lot of sex!

Read or download the new transgender photo comic for free over at Fem Fluxx!


Aphrodite's girl

 Eva had dared him to eat a spoon of sperm generously donated by his friend Andrew. This violation of the gender binary immediately caused him to be transformed into a woman by the goddess Aphrodite.

Jim hadn't believed the goddess Aphrodite was real, and worried about his insignificant life.

She had plans for him, however.


Pussyfied and tongue tied

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When James woke up in his girl friend's body, he thought he was hallucinating. However, the note on his desk – "I am taking your American identity and will report you to Immigration" – convinced him this was real. He should have panicked. All he has was her Taiwan passport and an expiring visa. But then he got distracted.



Stiff nipples

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It had started with his nipples. They had started growing. They became erect and hard at the most embarrassing of times. He liked it, though. So he started wondering how it would feel to have breasts accompanying those nipples. 

Somehow he understood that that was a forbidden thought that might bring new changes. But one day, he gave in and said the wish out loud: "I want tits with my nipples". And the next morning he had a perfect pair of tits.

He did not know what do now, as he had to find a way to hide those tits when going to work. After several weeks of weird glances and embarrassing questions, he got a sick leave. It was at this point the mismatch between his hairy legs and his beautiful tits became to much for him. So he made another wish: Make me a woman!

The next day he woke up with a pussy and long blonde hair. He loved it! She still does.