Stiff nipples

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It had started with his nipples. They had started growing. They became erect and hard at the most embarrassing of times. He liked it, though. So he started wondering how it would feel to have breasts accompanying those nipples. 

Somehow he understood that that was a forbidden thought that might bring new changes. But one day, he gave in and said the wish out loud: "I want tits with my nipples". And the next morning he had a perfect pair of tits.

He did not know what do now, as he had to find a way to hide those tits when going to work. After several weeks of weird glances and embarrassing questions, he got a sick leave. It was at this point the mismatch between his hairy legs and his beautiful tits became to much for him. So he made another wish: Make me a woman!

The next day he woke up with a pussy and long blonde hair. He loved it! She still does.

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