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I go this one from Polecat. She knows I love curvy ladies.

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A Return to TG Comics

From Supermodel Transformation Kit.
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It has been a while since I wrote about TG Comics, the major comics site for transgender transformation enthusiasts.

If you haven't visited the site already, you should head over there and take a look at the site's wide collection of hand drawn as well as computer generated comics. Some of them are free, others are reasonably priced PDFs for download.

Given that I have to make use of existing photo shoots, I find it hard to depict the actual transformations themselves. Those who can draw, however, do not have that handicap, and the site is therefore full of detailed  panels displaying the horror (or delight?) of being transformed, like Smooch' Wizard to Wench (which was lately expanded to a kind of serial transformation scene).

My favorite story at the moment is also drawn by Smooch and with a story line by Femur, the TG Comics Grand Mistress.  It is not as explicit as the stories you find here, but very erotic all the same.

People are buying the new Supermodel Transformation Kit, which transforms regular looking people into 10s. Needless to say, our protagonist messes up and is punished for his sexist attitudes.

Note that there are two versions of this comic, one on the TG Comics site, which includes the transformation of the manly and womanly bits down there, and an edited one made for Lulu. You want the original.

It costs US$ 8. It is definitely worth it!


Butterfly Hill 5: Private Parts

Andrew's mother would probably
not recognize him after his latest Marine
Lexi Belle from Brazzers
Military spies have entered Butterfly Hill in search of intelligence.

Unfortunately neither the manly sergeant nor the foxy captain understand what's really going on.

The two privates they brought along to explore the town are facing a new uncertain fate in Butterfly Hill, the strange Nevada town that changes men into women and women into men (if it feels like it).

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I am remixing images from several videos made by Brazzers here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the Brazzers scripts ;)

This episode can also be read over at Slideshare!

Download the PDF from Box!
Download the PDF from Divshare!

WARNING: This story contains explicit content and is for adults only!



Red String 6: Big tit body swap in Japan

I have previously written about Japanese transgender erotic movies, and how most of them seem to follow the same simple formula: (1) Bodyswap, (2) Fascination and Masturbation, (3) Forced Sex, and (4) Return to Normal.

Indeed, the setting is often also similar: schools, with teenagers swapping. I guess this reflects a general Japanese male interest in school girls in uniform. Whatever causes crossdreaming, it is bound to be shaped by the local culture.

I will follow up my post on the popular Red String series of movies, giving you a taste of Red String 6, code named idol122.

The red string is a magical conductor that leads to the body swap.

The following clip is sexually explicit and for adults only!

If the embedding does not work, you may download the clip here.

If you want to buy the movie, the following stores may be of help: (search for idol22 or IDOL-122)

h-lov is in Japanese, but you could use Google translate

See also my post on Dream Story. and helpful comments under the post on IDOL-114.