A Return to TG Comics

From Supermodel Transformation Kit.
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It has been a while since I wrote about TG Comics, the major comics site for transgender transformation enthusiasts.

If you haven't visited the site already, you should head over there and take a look at the site's wide collection of hand drawn as well as computer generated comics. Some of them are free, others are reasonably priced PDFs for download.

Given that I have to make use of existing photo shoots, I find it hard to depict the actual transformations themselves. Those who can draw, however, do not have that handicap, and the site is therefore full of detailed  panels displaying the horror (or delight?) of being transformed, like Smooch' Wizard to Wench (which was lately expanded to a kind of serial transformation scene).

My favorite story at the moment is also drawn by Smooch and with a story line by Femur, the TG Comics Grand Mistress.  It is not as explicit as the stories you find here, but very erotic all the same.

People are buying the new Supermodel Transformation Kit, which transforms regular looking people into 10s. Needless to say, our protagonist messes up and is punished for his sexist attitudes.

Note that there are two versions of this comic, one on the TG Comics site, which includes the transformation of the manly and womanly bits down there, and an edited one made for Lulu. You want the original.

It costs US$ 8. It is definitely worth it!


  1. Anonymous1/17/2013

    it's a shame i don't have a credit card :S

  2. I've been a fan of sequence tg manga's for a while, there's just that extra bit like you said that you just can't find with photoshoots

  3. @Bio Toxin

    Maybe we can get one of the adult entertainment producers to make a real CGI based transformation scene. When I look at the number of visitors this site get, I can see there is a market for it.


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