Butterfly Hill 5: Private Parts

Andrew's mother would probably
not recognize him after his latest Marine
Lexi Belle from Brazzers
Military spies have entered Butterfly Hill in search of intelligence.

Unfortunately neither the manly sergeant nor the foxy captain understand what's really going on.

The two privates they brought along to explore the town are facing a new uncertain fate in Butterfly Hill, the strange Nevada town that changes men into women and women into men (if it feels like it).

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I am remixing images from several videos made by Brazzers here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the Brazzers scripts ;)

This episode can also be read over at Slideshare!

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WARNING: This story contains explicit content and is for adults only!


  1. That was amazing Rebecca, I'm loving the Butterfly hill storyline... awesome!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca, for this wonderful episode!

    I can't wait drive out west and have my true self put to the test!


  3. Anonymous1/20/2013

    Amazing comic. Do you know of any other people who make slideshow captions?


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