The Rider

Inspired by the pin-up universe, a mini-cap for you.

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TG Transformation Movie: The Office

There is a new site devoted to TG transformation movies called Soft Skin Video. It has republished a few videos found elsewhere on the web.

Recently, however, it also posted a brand new video mashup called the Office. There is a cap that might serve as an introduction to the story! You can see the movie here!

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Supernatural fan flick takes on gender bending

I recently made a photo comic inspired by the TV series Supernatural.
Dean as a woman.

Now it turns out there is  fan film where Dean and Sam are transformed into women, and it is not bad either.

(Nope, this is not a story of the erotic kind...)

You can read more about The Other Side here!


Body Swap TV Drama by the Kloons

OK, I like the humor in this body swap Internet TV drama.

Mitch and Lauren switch bodies and have some big realizations.

The series is made by the comedy group the Kloons. They say that their mission  "is to create imaginative media and kaleidoscopic experiences by providing a collaborative platform through film, live performance, and social experimentation."

Well, it doesn't get any more experimental than this.

Two more episodes below the fold!

 Here is part 2: