A Country & Western TG Minicap

My first country and western transgender minicap. It might be the last as well.

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OK, Dylan, do you remember what I told you? Hey!!! Listen to me! I will have none of that sulking around here! Your life and my life depends on you being able to do as the Lord wishes.

And no more of that "I am from the future and a djinn changed me into a woman" crap! I know who you are! I was the one who bought you on the slave market in Meat Street remember? I know that you are just some poor peasant girl from the hills of Macedonia.

Remember: Never look him in the eye. That is disrespectful and may cost you your head. When the king beckons you to approach, you do so on your knees carrying the tray and the mug with you. Do not spill anything on the carpet. It was a gift from the Dodge of Venice, and I am sick and tired of cleaning it.

Now, if the Sultan asks for water, pour him a cup gracefully, as I showed you. If he asks for grapes feed them to him one by one. Do not say a word unless he asks you to and do not touch him!

Now, if he is in the mood, he will lift you up and bend you over the table. Do not in any way resist him, as that will make him mad. Just lift up that sweet, curvy, butt of yours and let him enter you. He has quite a big member, but I am sure that you can take it. You are allowed to grunt and moan, but you may not speak unless permitted to.

If you get pregnant, he will let you into the inner harem. If he does, I want to you to put in a good word to the Sultan's mother, as I would very much like to serve her as her chief eunuch. She has the real power in the empire, you know.

All right! Off you go! Remember, you answer to the name of Dalene now!


Summer School

This was the summer boys never talked about. Since the advent of modern nano-viral technolgy all rich families sent their youngsters to gender summer school, letting them spend one month as their own female counterpart. 

As Alexander's mother told him: "This is good for your character and for your marriage. By spending one month as a girl, your learn to respect women and understand their needs and feelings."

He's father didn't like it, and tried not to talk about it, but he was only the formally head of the family, not the one that made the real decisions.

When Alexander woke up from the transformation, and looked down at his new body, he found a profound sense of peace. This is what it should be like, he said to himself and let his fingers run through his long, silky, hair.

He followed the make-up classes with great interest, and felt beautiful and sexy in his blue school uniform.

The other students noticed, of course, as they all felt pretty akward in their new bodies. From time to time you could find an ex-boy lost in thoughts, cupping his own tits. Some of the ex-girls had to stop intense urges to go on a rampage.  One of them caught Alexander's eye and turned away quickly, thoroughly embarrassed by a growing erection.

On the  third day one of the ex-girls approached  him with confident manly strides. "Hey there, I am Veronica Miles, ah, sorry, Vernon! I am Vernon and I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!"

Alexander felt his face turn red, but deep instincts brought a wide smile on his face: "Ah, you don't look to bad yourself! I am Lexie."

They went over to Alexander's room, and sat down on the bed to talk. It turned out that Vernon liked his new life, immensely. 

"I have always wondered what it would be like to be physically strong, you know!  And I love the way my dick expresses my self-confidence."

Lexie decided to test this for herself and kissed Vernon softly on his lips. Vernon responded immediately, and Lexie looked with fascination at the growing bulge in his crotch.

"Pleas, do it!" Vernone sighed. "Please touch it."

Lexie found herself on all four, with Vernon's huge cock in her mouth. His moaning drove her wild with desire. She turned around and presented her moist crack: "Fuck me, Vernon! I need you now!" 

He cupped her tits and pinched her nipples. Then, slowly, did he thrust his dick inside her pussy.

As Lexie lost herself to one mindblowing orgasm after the other he came to the realization that she would never go back to her old life. She would run before the month was over. Run somewhere where her parents could not find her.

As they lie exhausted in each other's arms, Vernon whispered in her ear: "What do you say, baby? What if we go to Canada and get married. I know that they accept people like us, and that the marriage will be legal. Noone will be allowed to change us again.!

One week later Mr. and Mrs. Vernon and Lexie Miles started their new life in Toronto.

This one is for Lexie.

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The pictures of beautiful April are from Sextronix 18 Passport.


Maria and the lilitu demon 1

The defect presentation has been replaced!

150,000 years ago, when the human race was young, 12 lilitu demons grew out of the dreams and desires om man.

They grew out of his desperate attempts to understand what makes the universe tick: the differences between dark and light, heaven and hell, left and right, life and death, and the male and the female.

But the lilitu demons transcended anything man could imagine. They united the opposites, and appeared as women with strong masculine traits.

They decided that their role was to bring man out of his narrow mind and show him that everything is united after all.

Lilith is maybe the most famos lilitu demon of the all, so famous that she made into the myths of modern man. And right now she is working as a doctor in Manhattan, recruiting agents for the powerful Order of the goddess Inanna.

And Mark is about the have the most amazing examination of his life.

Follow Mark in his gradual transition into full womanhood in this and the next and final episode of Maria and the lilitu demon.

The images are from TSSeduction.com.

You will get the final part in two weeks.


Man changed into pregnant woman

I admit it had been a fantasy of mine.

I had tried to image how it would be to be a woman. To have soft, round, tits like a woman. To have long hair. To have a soft slit and a secret room of pleasure.

I don't know, but I suspect quite a few men have gone into that forbidden territory without admitting it to themselves or their spouses.

It was the damned lamp that changed everything. Anna, my wife, found it when we were cleaning out the attic of her late grandmother.

It looked like a magic lamp. We joked about it.

The problem was that it did contain a genie.
That was what made me make my mistake.

I told Anna about my secret fantasy, and she told me about hers. She had dreamed about being a man, she told me, and now she had the chance. I admit it: She had always been the one wearing the trousers in our family.

That was two wishes, one for me and one for her. And then, before I could stop her, Anna made the third: That I should obey her forever. The lamp disappeared, and there was no way we could turn back. I have been her slave since then.

But as a man Anna became reckless. It must be all the testosterone.

He fucked me every night in all imaginable positions. The sex was good. No, it was and is great.

But he used no protection, even if I begged him to. And he would not let me out to buy pills.

That was eight months ago.

He has redecorated his home office now, turned into a pink room for the baby.

I am going to stay at home, taking care of it, he says. He is to be the responsible breadwinner.

Responsible my curvy ass!

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Pretty Sweet

Hey Adam!

I want you to meet Eve. She is pretty sweet, isn't she?

What do you mean, if she is real? Of course she is real. I mean look at that hair. Soft and silky as in a shampoo commercial, and I can assure you there is no silicon in these two babies.

No, this one has never been a boy. Why do you think every single girlfriend I get has been a boy?

Yeah, I know I changed Alex into Alexandria, but he was such an obnoxious person. And he turned out all right, didn't he? I mean, you took your time with her.

No this is Eve, a genuine Eve, but she is a little bit shy, so you have to be a gentleman with her.

Say hello to Adam, Eve! He is a very good friend of mine, and I know he will take good care of you. Won't you, Alex?

All right, I will leave you two to it then. Alex, you can wire the fee to my bank account, and I'll send you her ID papers later, and don't forget to feed her now, right? We won't have a repetition of that sad Erin affair now, will we?

Eh, there was one more thing: Jason called. Apparently he had to go to an urgent business trip to Indonesia. Yeah, that's what I said as well. Still, he cannot make it to the party in Saturday, so there will be room for Eve there.

OK, see yah!

This one is for JaySeaver over at Rachel's.

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Minicap: The Plan

This ladies and ladies, is a picture of delicious Demi from Errotica.

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You can see more pictures of Demi here!



- I know when I have been beaten, Phyllis. I will transfer the 100,000 tomorrow morning. You have definitely deserved them. My God! He is absolutely stunning! And the uniform. Is Brian actually working as a maid here at your hotel?

- We call her Connie now, just to make sure that her old life is over. Yes, she is working as a maid to pay for the hormones, the electrolysis and the tits.

- He -- I am sorry, she -- pays for this? But you forced this treatment on her!

- Let's say I have very good lawyers. When he realized that I would get everything he owned in a divorce settlement, including his hotel chain, he agreed to sign over it all to me in return for being able to keep a comfortable life style.

- But the hormones?

- Ah, the court order said that he had to take a cure in order to reduce his antisocial behavior.

- But he wasn't an aggressive person!

- The victor writes the history, dear. Anyway, compared to Connie, Brian was a very dominating person. After all he was CEO of a multibillion dollar company. I know how much that requires, because I have taken over that position now.

- But how did he agree to the feminization?

- Hmm, I took it one step at the time, dear. When his nipples started to grow, I used to play with them when making love. Licking them, biting them, just to turn him on. And he loved it so much that he didn't protest too much when they started to grow.

- Then I started to take control when having sex with him. It was me on top. It was me commanding him to go down on me. I believe it was a relief for him having one place where he didn't have to be in command, you know, so unconsciously he welcomed it.

- Then I started to use my finger, stimulating his anus. That confused him a lot. There was lots of "I am not gay" and that kind of thing, but I told him that it was for me. I wanted to explore my masculine side.

- Did he buy that?

- He did when I started pegging him.

- Pegging?

- I have this beautiful strap-on taylor-made in gold! When I gave him his first prostate orgasm, he cried like a girl. After that, it was easier for me to "explore my masculinity". He agreed not to cut his hair, to try on make-up, switch perfume from Boss to Chanel and so on.

- And the maid's outfit?

- He agreed to be my secret agent. To -- let me see how I put it -- "to study sexual pressure from hotel guests towards female employees".

- From these pictures there seems to be a lot of pressure.

- Yeah, pressure in the most pleasant of places. I make sure the male staff keep her entertained, although now I have even seen her "accidentally" drop in on attractive male guests. She has become one lovely slut, that one!

- So what's next?

- I will get my lawyers to get a declaration of incapacity and make me her legal guardian. Then, I guess, I will complete her transformation, and make her entertain at my swingers parties. Her old business partners will love that!

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This cap is for Connie!


T-Camp 2: Love Affair

Welcome to the T-Camp, a secret facility deep into the Amazonian jungle.

This is a place that produces one rare commodity for connoisseurs from all over the world: beautiful, sexy T-girls.

There is one catch. The girls that are trained here never volunteered for the mission, and the camp management is using creative educational methods that would not pass muster in a court of law. Which is of course why the camp is hidden away.

This presentation is not labelled TG Extreme. It does not strong BDSM scenes. It is more of a love story, actually!

The main images are from Ferro's Shemales Fuck Shemales.