Man changed into pregnant woman

I admit it had been a fantasy of mine.

I had tried to image how it would be to be a woman. To have soft, round, tits like a woman. To have long hair. To have a soft slit and a secret room of pleasure.

I don't know, but I suspect quite a few men have gone into that forbidden territory without admitting it to themselves or their spouses.

It was the damned lamp that changed everything. Anna, my wife, found it when we were cleaning out the attic of her late grandmother.

It looked like a magic lamp. We joked about it.

The problem was that it did contain a genie.
That was what made me make my mistake.

I told Anna about my secret fantasy, and she told me about hers. She had dreamed about being a man, she told me, and now she had the chance. I admit it: She had always been the one wearing the trousers in our family.

That was two wishes, one for me and one for her. And then, before I could stop her, Anna made the third: That I should obey her forever. The lamp disappeared, and there was no way we could turn back. I have been her slave since then.

But as a man Anna became reckless. It must be all the testosterone.

He fucked me every night in all imaginable positions. The sex was good. No, it was and is great.

But he used no protection, even if I begged him to. And he would not let me out to buy pills.

That was eight months ago.

He has redecorated his home office now, turned into a pink room for the baby.

I am going to stay at home, taking care of it, he says. He is to be the responsible breadwinner.

Responsible my curvy ass!

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