OK, Dylan, do you remember what I told you? Hey!!! Listen to me! I will have none of that sulking around here! Your life and my life depends on you being able to do as the Lord wishes.

And no more of that "I am from the future and a djinn changed me into a woman" crap! I know who you are! I was the one who bought you on the slave market in Meat Street remember? I know that you are just some poor peasant girl from the hills of Macedonia.

Remember: Never look him in the eye. That is disrespectful and may cost you your head. When the king beckons you to approach, you do so on your knees carrying the tray and the mug with you. Do not spill anything on the carpet. It was a gift from the Dodge of Venice, and I am sick and tired of cleaning it.

Now, if the Sultan asks for water, pour him a cup gracefully, as I showed you. If he asks for grapes feed them to him one by one. Do not say a word unless he asks you to and do not touch him!

Now, if he is in the mood, he will lift you up and bend you over the table. Do not in any way resist him, as that will make him mad. Just lift up that sweet, curvy, butt of yours and let him enter you. He has quite a big member, but I am sure that you can take it. You are allowed to grunt and moan, but you may not speak unless permitted to.

If you get pregnant, he will let you into the inner harem. If he does, I want to you to put in a good word to the Sultan's mother, as I would very much like to serve her as her chief eunuch. She has the real power in the empire, you know.

All right! Off you go! Remember, you answer to the name of Dalene now!

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