The 13th Hour

It was a ridiculous bet, of course. After his usual banter about intellectually challenged big breasted girls, Anna pushed forward her wide screen balcony and challenged him with scorn in her voice:

"If you had a voluptuous body like mine you would stay home all day and fondle your tits. I, on the other hand, has managed to get a Ph.D. in physics, in spite of the fact that I have one track mind boys like you drooling over me all the time.

"I challenge you: I want you to stay 12 hours in a body like mine. If you want to change back by the end of final hour, you win. If you want to stay like that, I win."

There were witches in her family, so he knew this was not an empty threat. Well, how hard could it be, being a broad with big hooters? He said as much.

She went over to the book shelf, brought down her spell book, and read out her spell. The next minute he found himself breathing with lungs struggling to lift two heavy tits on a regular basis.

He lifted up his sweater and grabbed his tits with both hands. He could hear himself moan with a bright, ringing, female voice. They were marvelous! He pinched his nipples and lifted them up to his mouth, tasting their spicy sweetness with delight.

Anna brought him some sexy lingerie and forced him to pose for her, but he was constantly distracted by the bouncing tits. She laughed as he looked down over his tits, trying to get a glimpse of his pussy. He failed, but pulled up his panties to get a feeling for those soft public lips.

He gasped as his panties pressed against his clit.

He was in a daze and found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but his soft skin and his curly hair and the curves of the woman sitting on the bed beside him.

"You want me, don't you?" Anna asked.

"Yes," he whispered.

"But you are of no use to me now," she said. "Your dick is no more!"

"Please," he whispered. She undressed and pulled him closer, fantasy flesh against his heavy breasts.

He was in heaven. He sank deeper and deeper down in a feeling of deep contentment. It was as if he was drowning in the sweet sent of girly skin and pussy juices.

He felt Anna's fingers between his legs and shook as the first orgasms flushed through his body.

Anna kept him going through the night. She smiled to him over breakfast, as he struggled with the weight of his tits. They kept bouncing into cups and glasses.

"This is the 13th hour, Dylan, and I win." Anna said. "Now you will have to stay like this for another month."

Dylan grabbed his tits and smiled.

This one is for Dylan!

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  1. Great story and lovely photos combine for a winner here.

    I hope one day to comission such a story for myself.


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