Summer School

This was the summer boys never talked about. Since the advent of modern nano-viral technolgy all rich families sent their youngsters to gender summer school, letting them spend one month as their own female counterpart. 

As Alexander's mother told him: "This is good for your character and for your marriage. By spending one month as a girl, your learn to respect women and understand their needs and feelings."

He's father didn't like it, and tried not to talk about it, but he was only the formally head of the family, not the one that made the real decisions.

When Alexander woke up from the transformation, and looked down at his new body, he found a profound sense of peace. This is what it should be like, he said to himself and let his fingers run through his long, silky, hair.

He followed the make-up classes with great interest, and felt beautiful and sexy in his blue school uniform.

The other students noticed, of course, as they all felt pretty akward in their new bodies. From time to time you could find an ex-boy lost in thoughts, cupping his own tits. Some of the ex-girls had to stop intense urges to go on a rampage.  One of them caught Alexander's eye and turned away quickly, thoroughly embarrassed by a growing erection.

On the  third day one of the ex-girls approached  him with confident manly strides. "Hey there, I am Veronica Miles, ah, sorry, Vernon! I am Vernon and I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!"

Alexander felt his face turn red, but deep instincts brought a wide smile on his face: "Ah, you don't look to bad yourself! I am Lexie."

They went over to Alexander's room, and sat down on the bed to talk. It turned out that Vernon liked his new life, immensely. 

"I have always wondered what it would be like to be physically strong, you know!  And I love the way my dick expresses my self-confidence."

Lexie decided to test this for herself and kissed Vernon softly on his lips. Vernon responded immediately, and Lexie looked with fascination at the growing bulge in his crotch.

"Pleas, do it!" Vernone sighed. "Please touch it."

Lexie found herself on all four, with Vernon's huge cock in her mouth. His moaning drove her wild with desire. She turned around and presented her moist crack: "Fuck me, Vernon! I need you now!" 

He cupped her tits and pinched her nipples. Then, slowly, did he thrust his dick inside her pussy.

As Lexie lost herself to one mindblowing orgasm after the other he came to the realization that she would never go back to her old life. She would run before the month was over. Run somewhere where her parents could not find her.

As they lie exhausted in each other's arms, Vernon whispered in her ear: "What do you say, baby? What if we go to Canada and get married. I know that they accept people like us, and that the marriage will be legal. Noone will be allowed to change us again.!

One week later Mr. and Mrs. Vernon and Lexie Miles started their new life in Toronto.

This one is for Lexie.

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The pictures of beautiful April are from Sextronix 18 Passport.

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