T-Camp 5: Revenge

Welcome to the T-Camp, a secret facility deep into the Amazonian jungle.

This is a place that produces one rare commodity for connoisseurs from all over the world: beautiful, sexy T-girls.

There is one catch. The girls that are trained here never volunteered for the mission, and the camp management is using creative educational methods that would not pass muster in a court of law. Which is of course why the camp is hidden away.

The boss of the Company decides to punish one of her old enemies by turning his son into a call girl.

This presentation is labelled TG Extreme, as it contains strong BDSM scenes. If this is not for you, do not read it!

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The main images are from Shemalesgetfucked.com.


Tiresias 6: The Bar in the Brothel

Anders is adapting to his new life as Amanda at the Tiresias brothel. Is this the episode where he will lose his female virginity?

Note: This story does NOT contain forced sex.

Dr. Göbbels is trying to raise a new nazi army on American soil. The goal is to establish the Fourth Reich.

As an insane but brilliant scientist he has managed to unravel the reality of the universe, recognizing that it is all information, ready to be reprogrammed for his sick needs.

Now he is trying to breed his new master race, changing men into future mothers. Not that he succeeds so well. Nature is not a national socialist and she continues to give him women of all races.

The images of Isis Love are from Brazzers.


After the Party

Here is a short little erotic transgender love story for you.

There are no evil witches, submissive sissies or imaginative torture instruments in this one -- just friendship and a touch of magic.

It was originally a special cap series made for those of you that donated money to the upkeep of this site in 2008.

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Babylon Academy 9: Beauty over Brains

Welcome to Babylon Academy, a college run by the Daughters of Ereshkigal, an ancient Sumerian cult that aims at overthrowing patriarchy and establish the rule of the Goddess.

At the Academy they recruit the next generation of priestesses and witches. Based on the ancient principle of the conjunction of opposites, however, most of the recruits are college boys. At least for a while.

This episode: Colin is the editor of the Babylon college newspaper, and has decided to make an expose on the witches of Ereshkigal and their policy of changing boys into girls. They are not amused!

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The images are from Brazzers!


Guest Cap: Scrabble

You can trust Jay to come up with a totally new TG cap concept. This is a cap she made for me over at Rachel's Haven.

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