After the Party

Here is a short little erotic transgender love story for you.

There are no evil witches, submissive sissies or imaginative torture instruments in this one -- just friendship and a touch of magic.

It was originally a special cap series made for those of you that donated money to the upkeep of this site in 2008.

Download PDF here!
Alternative download site.


  1. Katalin10/15/2010

    Wow, this is just wonderful! Sweet and romantic :)

  2. That was amazing Rebecca. I wish so much I could find love. I want to be in someone's arms and just feel that.....you wrote an amazing caption story. Thank You.

  3. Anonymous10/16/2010

    There are ads?

  4. Glad you liked it!

    Yes, there are some ads (see favorite adult sites and links to sources of imagery. These are normally affiliate links, and if you buy something after having clicked on that link I get a percentage. I use the income to pay for even more imagery.

  5. Anonymous3/17/2012

    Hey, can you tell me the girl's name? I've been trying to find this vid without any success so far...

  6. Love the white to black woman. Friends is my favorite. Wish I was her!


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