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Photo from Brazzers.

Adam was slightly worried. Grandma did this trick every Christmas, adding magical ingredients to the  sweets. Seeing him, uncle Brian and Tommy stark naked, decorated as candy was always fun.

She was close to 85 years old now, however, and getting more and more confused by the day. Only two days ago she had turned the cat into a dog, and promptly forgotten all about it. This could be serious.

The three of them smiled nervously up at the old lady. “Very funny, grandma!” Adam said. “Now, can you please change us back?” The lady looked at the three, clearly annoyed. “Adam! Where are you? There are three naked ladies in your living room! What will the neighbours think?”



Big Jake

Have you ever dreamed about how it would be to become a very small woman?

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The photos are from  the TeemSkeet Exxxtra Small web site. Model: Allison Banks. Jasmine Gomez.


Earth Needs Women

I would like to draw your attention to Lilac Wren's TG movie captioning site TG Creation. There aren't many like that around, which makes this one especially valuable.

Like TG Tales, Lilac makes use of Non-English language footage to edit transgender mash-ups. This works amazingly well if you do not know the original spoken language.

Unlike TG Tales Lady Wren does not hesitate to include explicit imagery, which will please at least some of my readers.

I have taken the liberty of embedding one of her videos here, knowing well that many of you will go to her site for more.

Earth Needs Women is the story about a dark future, where 98 percent of Earth's women have been killed by a plague. Some of the remaining men are chosen for an interesting form of gender reassignment.

WARNING: This video mash-up contains sexually explicit material! It is for adults only!

  Click here for the original blog post and download information.
Alternative embed:


Transgender magazines, on- and offline

Did you know that there are quite a few magazines for crossdressers and transgender people out there? Some of them may be of interest to my readers.
Candy's famous Obama cover, featuring
Connie Fleming as Michelle.

Here are a few.  If you know of others, let me know. I am adding a section on magazines to my directory.

Transgender magazines


Grandmother's Medallion 2

Presley Carter from Brazzers
After Sam had told John about his grandmother's medallion, John could not wait to use it.

He wanted to find out what it felt like to be a sexy woman. It turned out he got obsessed with the whole thing, refusing to turn back again, and seducing Sam in the process.

In this follow up Sam is getting more and more intrigued by what he has witnessed, and especially the pleasure John gets from being a woman.

This is a continuation of the comic published last month.

You may download the full screen PDF here and here!

If you are using an iPad or tablet, read the photo comic over at Slideshare.


Sex, Drugs and Natalie Portman

Here is a sweet little student body swap movie many of you will love. It's fun!
Natalie Portman in Dior ad.

It is called Sex, and is part 1 of the "Sex, Drugs and Natalie Portman" trilogy.

No, it is not erotic. Not really. Well, maybe a little bit.

The director is Chad Peters.
More info here.

Speaking of Natalie Portman. She has actually performed one of the most groundbreaking gender bender videos ever invented.

The second video below is censored, but contrast between this sweet girl and her aggressive masculine moves and rapping is thought provoking.

UPDATE: Sorry! It seems the maker of this movie has removed all online files since I prepared this post (I often write posts long before they are published).

Apparently there is a full length remake called Apocalypse, CA, but to be honest with you, I do not see the similarities, although there is supposed to be a similar body switch!


The Dawn of Dawn

Here's to exploring the mysteries of the world!
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Emergency Room Sex Change

Tranisa has released a new POV video. POV is yet another three letter acronym any modern citizen needs to know. It means Point of View and refers to the fact that you (yes, you!) are the main star in the movie.

Unfortunately the whole movie starts with you (that's you again...) having a nasty motor cycle accident, which due to the laws of gravity, friction and other things I might have told you about if I paid attention in the physics class. leads to the, eh... well... some incapacitating... of your manly bits.

(If you have manly bits, that is. If you don't, well, let's say the plot soon breaks down into incoherence).

Anyway, you wake up at the hospital facing a very friendly and understanding hospital staff, who tells you that he above mentioned primary sex characteristics were not salvageable. However (ah ha!!!), they have a solution for you.

And yes, your girl friend also shows up. She always does at moments like this, doesn't she?

Staring Holly Kiss, Sapphire Blue, Jessica Jensen, Chessie Kay and Keith Hull.

The film costs US$ 14.99 and can be downloaded from the Tranisa web site!

JW Player goes here



Lost in Antiquity

There is so much to be said about the dangers of time travel, but the going-back-in-time-and-accidentally-killing-your-grandfather is not one of them. If you kill your grandfather, you will not be born, so you will not be able to kill him. Unless you open a parallel time stream, which is a completely different matter. No, the danger with modern day time travel is that you might fuck up your calculations, and get fucked in return.

The main photos in this cap series are taken from Hustler. The main model is Aphyxia Noir.

Photos from Hustler


Rachel's Haven is looking for TG short stories for new book

Rachel Haven, the watering hole for TG caption enthusiasts is to publish a book with transgender fiction.

Rachel (yes, there is a Real Rachel!!!) says that this is part of the fund raising needed to keep the Haven alive:

"Everyone round here tends to enjoy a good story or several, and while there have been a few TF/TG novellas produced and sold, there are very, very few collections of them from a variety of authors...

"Now, what we're looking for is stories of at least 5000 words in length, preferably something new and never before seen, however existing works will also be considered as we are going to hit a market that may never have seen them. The collection will be sold under the Haven Bookworks publishing label, with each story being sold separately as well as in a volume of collected works at a discount."

So if you write TG stories, this may be an opportunity for you!

More info over at Rachel's Haven.


Grandmother's Medallion

Sam should probably never have told John about his grandmother's medallion and its magical properties.

Now John was getting curious and wanted to see what it felt like to get the sexy body of a woman.

You may download the full screen PDF here and here!

If you are using an iPad or tablet, read the photo comic over at Slideshare.

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The main model is Nikki Delado from Brazzers.

There will be a follow up episode next month.



The Transformation Witch Club

Tranisa has a new magical transformation video out. Full disclosure: The people behind it all are  good friends of mine.  That being said. Let me be perfectly clear about this: This is their best movie yet!

You want to know about the plot? All right, all right! Hold your horses!

Holly's  lesbian tendencies are causing problems in her marriage to Keith. She therefore ask her good friend Sapphire (Blue) to help her with a spell.

Sapphire guides her to the wonderfully weird witch, Madame Lazar (Chessie Kay), who knows what to do. She turns Keith into a beautiful girl (played by Jessica Jensen).

Keith's first day as a girl.

The feminization process has begun!

As is often the case with the Tranisa movies, there is a lot of wonderful British humor here, as well as some very decent acting.

Holly Kiss has an amazing ability to play such roles with a straight face. Sapphire Blue plays along in a wonderful manner. Jessica Jensen exaggerates her role as the crazy witch in such a way that her interpretation becomes completely believable, while Jessica Jensen channels the male panic in an exemplary fashion.  And what do you know: Male actor Keith (Hull) is a Tranisa fan!

Click here to buy the movie!

FACTS: Length: Ca. 35 minutes. Price: US$ 17,50. Downloads and streaming.

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The Other Side of Your Soulis Back

For some reason unknown to me this blog was off line for some hours today.

A account verification was all it took to bring it back.

Thank you for letting me know, Viola!


Grammatical Error

Spell books pop up all over the place in TG fiction. What people do not realise is that it is hard to get Ancient Sumerian right.
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Model: Dani Cole from Mofos


Dreamwalker 2

Imagine a race of powerful shamans, men and women who are able to take over your body while you
Bridgette B from Brazzers
sleep, while leaving their own body to you.

Imagine the havoc such people may cause, and the damage this power could bring if it came into the wrong hands -- into the hands of Graham Kent, for instance, one of the greatest bastards humanity has ever seen.

In this episode Serena takes over the body of Johnny and Bren takes over the body of Andy. It all gets very confusing, but the sex is great.

If you are new to this series, you can read the first episode here.

Download PDF: alternative 1 | alternative 2

Download epub: alternativ 1 | alternative 2

Read this photo comic on your iPad/tablet over at Slideshare

Imagery for this series by Brazzers.com and Realitykings.com



The Ring

Jeff lifted his hand up to his chin. Slowly. Carefully. Afraid of finding... soft skin on a feminine jaw.  The ring she had given him felt heavy now.

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She looked at him with a quirky smile. She was waiting for him to say something, probably. But his tongue felt numb in his mouth. It did not feel like his tongue at all. He tried to move it around, but his teeth felt too small, somehow.

He was all too, small. He was looking up at her now.

"Well, what do you think? You like?" She asked eagerly, as if she had given him a present, and now expected his joyous gratitude.

"What...." His brain managed to get his tongue under control. "What. Have. You. Done?"

"Hey! What's the matter, Jeff? I mean, you have always lived the life of a stranger. I thought it was time you lived the life of yourself."

For some peculiar reason he found himself smiling.

"Now, what shall we call you?" Amanda asked. "You look like a Jinny to me!"



The Handbag Experiment

Ahem!!! (could I have some water please?  Thank you!).

Principal! Distinguished colleagues!

I am not going to be modest here: My research team and me have made a discovery that will shake the very foundations of modern science.

This originally started out as a gender study of male sexist prejudice. In the end we had to get help form our esteemed colleagues in the physics department to find an explanation for this phenomenon.

We set out to find out how long we would be able to get an American male to hold a woman's handbag before his discomfort became ethically intolerable.

It turns out most healthy men do not last for more than 45 seconds in the presence of others, at which point they will throw the handbag away. This period may be prolonged to 65 seconds if they believe themselves to be alone.

When we added a reward -- 10 dollars per minute -- some were able to hold the bag for as long as 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

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What we did not know, however, was that one of our test subjects, Jason Cameron, being unemployed, desperately needed the money.

He was able to hold on to the handbag for 14 minutes and 35 seconds, at which point the was a flashing light, a loud crack, and Mr. Cameron was replaced by a woman.   That is: Mr. Cameron had become a woman.

This amazing discovery proves once and for all the basic principle of quantum physics, that reality is caused by the interaction between reality and our minds.

In this case the emotional conflict in Mr. Cameron's mind caused an unknown superimposed gender state to collapse and switch his physical being into its female counterpart.

Basically, the human mind is incapable of handling the psychological conflict of gender ambiguity and changes reality in order to protect its sanity.

Repeated experiments show cisgendered male persons can sit in the driver's seat of a red Beetle for 20 minutes before becoming a woman, 8 minutes wearing an apron with flowers, 26 minutes wearing a neutral, gray,  apron, and 2 minutes and 5 seconds wearing a mini-skirt-- unless the person in question is a crossdresser or believes himself to be at a carnival.

There is no similar effect for women carrying gender typical male attire, which indicates that this is partly a cultural phenomenon.

I am proud to say that because of this research, our department of sociology has now achieved gender equality.



Another Red String Body Swap

The Japanese love their erotic gender swap movies.

I have already covered the Red String series extensively.  They are all based in a universe where there exist a red string or thread that can be used to swap bodies.

For some disappointing reason it is always the men that initiate this swap, and it is always the men that see the benefits. (Given the existence of a large number of female to male gender swap enthusiast, this is most unfair.)

Never mind. My readers have often complained over the lack of English subtitles. Well, here is  fan that has actually added subtitles to an excerpt of a Red String movie.

Are there any of you who know the IDOL-number of this one. You need the number in order to buy the movie.

This clip is sexually explicit and for adults only!!!


Guest Cap: Emergency Identity Update Protocol

Here is one really clever cap AnneOniMouse made for me over at Rachel's Haven.

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Strip Poker

Valentina stars in my new TG photo comic.
Here is another story set in the Spell Book universe. It may not be the most original TG story ever written, but boy does it contain pictures of some really beautiful women.

Anyway, the spell books have a will of their own and pop up where they are least expected. It seems to me they are neither good nor bad. They remind me a bit of the tricksters of mythology, forces rocking our worlds of imagines safety and making them more... exciting.

Frank is the one in possession of the books this time, and he is using them to turn both male foes and male enemies into female sex slaves.

The photos of Alyssa Divine and Valentina Nappi are respectfully borrowed from Brazzers.com, a constant source of inspiration.

You can download the full size PDF here or here!

If you are using an iPad or other tablet, you should go to Slideshare and read it there.

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New Facebook-page for Transgender Fantasy!

I probably didn't know what I set out to do when I decided to help TG fiction and art more visible among those that dream about trying out the life on the other side.

I am struggling to keep my directory up to date, for the simple reason that more and more gender challengers are getting involved in the creation of stories, caps, comics and movies. That is a problem I can live with!

My good friend Cheryl over at Tranisa suggested that we should set up a Facebook-page for transgender fantasies. Admittedly not all readers of this blog would like to use their regular Facebook account to follow Rebecca's World, but some may like to follow this page.

Besides, the page is public. You can read it even if you are not on Facebook.

So with no further ado I now declare Transgender Fantasy for open!

Visit the page! Like it! Add content to it!


Hoodoo Gone Bad

She should have been back by now. She said she would. Damn, Damien should never have accepted her stupid proposal.

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It was her wonderful smile that did it. Or maybe her amazing body. Or the fact that she in so many ways represented his exact opposite.

"I am doing a woman's study of capitalist white male power in the post-industrialist society," she had explained. Or maybe he had misunderstood. She used many words compared to the women he usually dated.

Or maybe it wasn't a date. Maybe she was honest when she said she wanted to have dinner with him in order to interview him for her research project. Maybe, for women, "no" sometimes meant "no". Now, that was a disturbing thought!

He hadn't taken her seriously. He rarely did take women seriously, with the exception of his mother and his grand aunt Tess. God, you did not mess with Tess if you wanted your inheritance. Anyway... the girl called herself Angela, and said that her mother had named her after Angela Davis (as if that meant anything to anyone). And she wanted to borrow his body for a day, so that she could gain first hand experience from the life of a WASP stock broker. Or was it "suprematist"? He did not get the insect reference, either.

Anyhow, she said that she descended from a a long line of hoodoo witches with the power of soul capture. He had smirked at that, not only because she believed in magic, but also because she had said hoodoo instead of voodoo. He had seen the James Bond movie. He knew it was called voodoo. Stupid women!

She should been her by now. And he needed to get back to his desk. Someone was selling of T.G.F. stock by the millions, and he did not understand why. He needed to get back on the floor now, or he would be broke by the end of the day.

Besides, being in her body was very disturbing. And distracting. And disconcerting. And - he had to admit it - delicious. He wanted so bad to touch it, but was afraid that if he did, he would go mad, or gay or something. There were already images in his mind that he had to forcefully push away, images of him on his back....

Oh God. She should have been here by now. Hm, maybe she... No, she couldn't! .... Well, maybe she was the one selling stock? In his name? She had access to all his accounts, damn it! Maybe she would just leave him here, stranded in her beautiful ebony body.

He started screaming.


Two Doors

"For you and your brother, I am afraid there is only one thing," the lawyer had said. He had gathered the family for the reading of the testament of Charles' grand aunt Agatha. The embarrassment on the lawyer's face was unmistakable. After all, the sister of Charles and Daniel had already inherited all her Apple stock, while her housekeeper had gotten her house and her rottweiler.

Photo from Photos.com. Click to enlarge!
The lawyer held out a golden key. "The will says that this key can be used on one of the two colored doors in the bath room in the basement. I quote: "I will ask my favorite nephews to choose wisely and with their hearts. The right door is to a life in riches, the other to a life in happiness."

The whole family had talked about the red and blue doors forever, wondering what kind of wonders were to be found behind them, but Agatha has never said a word.

Later that night the two brothers went down into the cellar of the huge mansion and approached the two doors.

"Which one do we open?" Charles asked. "The red or the blue?" They looked down and found the big dog looking up at them, tongue out.

"Which one shall we go for, Roxy?" Charles ask the dog. The dog started scratching on the red door.

"Ah, of course, Agatha would go for the red one. That is the one with happiness inside," Charles said.

"Yeah, well, but wouldn't you rather go for riches?" Daniel asked.

"What does your heart say?"

"All right, all right, follow the dog!"

Charles put the key in the lock. It fit. He pushed the door open.
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"This is strange," Daniel said. "This room is an exact copy of  the one we are in now."  And so it seemed. Charles spotted a copy of the washbasins behind them, the stalls, the lights in the ceiling.

"Why on earth would she make another rest room identical to this one?" Charles asked.

"Never mind, let us go inside and see!"

As soon as the two of them was inside the other room, it was as if their perspective shifted. Now they were looking into the room they had left, as if that was the secret room behind the red door. And behind them they could see the two washbasins and the mirrors over them.

"What happened?" Charles exclaimed.

"I don't know," Daniel wheezed, "but something is seriously wrong!" He looked over at his brother who at that very moment was transforming into a beautiful Hispanic woman with long black hair. His t-shirt shimmered before settling into the shape of a bright red silk dress.

"Oh my God! Charles, you are changing!" Then he grabbed his chest, feeling soft mounds expand under his fingers. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror. There was another beautiful woman there with long black hair and a pink dress with a floral pattern.

They were both trying hard to control their fear. Charles bit his lip, breathing heavily. He could feel his chest rise and fall under his silk negligee.

"Oh my! Aunt Agatha always said that only women could be truly happy in this world," he sighed. "This is obviously what she considers her ultimate gift to us."

"If we go back into the other room, we will probably change back again," Daniel replied.

"I am sure we will," Charles whispered. "But don't you think we ought to explore this mirror world first?"

Daniel touched his left nipple.... and smiled.