Strip Poker

Valentina stars in my new TG photo comic.
Here is another story set in the Spell Book universe. It may not be the most original TG story ever written, but boy does it contain pictures of some really beautiful women.

Anyway, the spell books have a will of their own and pop up where they are least expected. It seems to me they are neither good nor bad. They remind me a bit of the tricksters of mythology, forces rocking our worlds of imagines safety and making them more... exciting.

Frank is the one in possession of the books this time, and he is using them to turn both male foes and male enemies into female sex slaves.

The photos of Alyssa Divine and Valentina Nappi are respectfully borrowed from Brazzers.com, a constant source of inspiration.

You can download the full size PDF here or here!

If you are using an iPad or other tablet, you should go to Slideshare and read it there.

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