New Facebook-page for Transgender Fantasy!

I probably didn't know what I set out to do when I decided to help TG fiction and art more visible among those that dream about trying out the life on the other side.

I am struggling to keep my directory up to date, for the simple reason that more and more gender challengers are getting involved in the creation of stories, caps, comics and movies. That is a problem I can live with!

My good friend Cheryl over at Tranisa suggested that we should set up a Facebook-page for transgender fantasies. Admittedly not all readers of this blog would like to use their regular Facebook account to follow Rebecca's World, but some may like to follow this page.

Besides, the page is public. You can read it even if you are not on Facebook.

So with no further ado I now declare Transgender Fantasy for open!

Visit the page! Like it! Add content to it!

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