New TG VideoCap: Danny and Danni

Danny Cole from Mofos
You asked for a new video cap, and here it is!

Watch how the arrival of the feared spell book causes dramatic changes to Danny's life.

It is another tale of jealousy, betrayal and life altering choices. You know the drill!

I have chosen a slightly different style from the more polished one found in the NuBabes video.

The main footage in this video is fetched from the Mofos.com site, which has a much more rough and "realistic" amateur style. There is a lot of improvisation and hand held cameras.

This type of footage fits well with the idea of someone making a video documentary of a man transformed.

This story is set in the Spellbook universe of Freya.

Purists will probably object to the fact that I have simplified the original concept. Rest assured, though, that I have done so only for artistic purposes (read: To make the story and footage fit).

The original videos can be seen in full over at Mofos.com. There you will also find photos of wonderful Danni Cole.


Download smaller size MP4/MPEG4-file (296 MB) (alternative)
Download film in AVI-format (568 MB) (alternative)
If your computer finds it hard to display these files, download VLC.
Download original MPEG4-file (585 MB)

If you are using a tablet/iPad you might want to watch the movie over at Slideshare.

Note that the content of this video is SEXUALLY EXPLICIT, and for adults only!

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  1. Anonymous10/02/2013

    your best work yet rebecca!

  2. Anonymous10/02/2013

    Luvd it so much!! would luv to be that guy tuned it to that girl. you can only dream.

  3. LOVED IT!!!!! just awesome hun, hope to see more, hugs, Sedra.

  4. Anonymous10/04/2013

    Wow, that Danni sure is something else, she's so cute in the 'breakfast' scene. Really drives in the 'contrast' of the TG of the cap.

  5. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Wow sexy story nice job!!


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