Hoodoo Gone Bad

She should have been back by now. She said she would. Damn, Damien should never have accepted her stupid proposal.

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It was her wonderful smile that did it. Or maybe her amazing body. Or the fact that she in so many ways represented his exact opposite.

"I am doing a woman's study of capitalist white male power in the post-industrialist society," she had explained. Or maybe he had misunderstood. She used many words compared to the women he usually dated.

Or maybe it wasn't a date. Maybe she was honest when she said she wanted to have dinner with him in order to interview him for her research project. Maybe, for women, "no" sometimes meant "no". Now, that was a disturbing thought!

He hadn't taken her seriously. He rarely did take women seriously, with the exception of his mother and his grand aunt Tess. God, you did not mess with Tess if you wanted your inheritance. Anyway... the girl called herself Angela, and said that her mother had named her after Angela Davis (as if that meant anything to anyone). And she wanted to borrow his body for a day, so that she could gain first hand experience from the life of a WASP stock broker. Or was it "suprematist"? He did not get the insect reference, either.

Anyhow, she said that she descended from a a long line of hoodoo witches with the power of soul capture. He had smirked at that, not only because she believed in magic, but also because she had said hoodoo instead of voodoo. He had seen the James Bond movie. He knew it was called voodoo. Stupid women!

She should been her by now. And he needed to get back to his desk. Someone was selling of T.G.F. stock by the millions, and he did not understand why. He needed to get back on the floor now, or he would be broke by the end of the day.

Besides, being in her body was very disturbing. And distracting. And disconcerting. And - he had to admit it - delicious. He wanted so bad to touch it, but was afraid that if he did, he would go mad, or gay or something. There were already images in his mind that he had to forcefully push away, images of him on his back....

Oh God. She should have been here by now. Hm, maybe she... No, she couldn't! .... Well, maybe she was the one selling stock? In his name? She had access to all his accounts, damn it! Maybe she would just leave him here, stranded in her beautiful ebony body.

He started screaming.

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