Guest Caps: No More Boxer Shorts for You

Sapphire Blue
Most cappers find some nice photos and fire up their computers before designing their captions.

Then there is Claire, who is in no way like a regular cap-maker. Claire phones a couple of porn stars she knows and likes, invites them over, makes a movie -- and then she writes the cap. (I wish!)

The following one is made on the basis of the movie Rosemary's Tranny, featuring Paige Turnah and Sapphire Blue.

Here's what I am trying to say: You won't normally find pictures of Sapphire wearing boxer shorts, so how can you make a cap like this without calling her.
Click on cap to enlarge!

At  other times Claire takes movie photo material and turns it into a new idea. She tells me the following cap may become the basis for a POV movie (i.e. a point of view story where the camera-man takes your place in the story). 

Click on cap to read!
Maybe you have some ideas about what Sapphire and Paige could say to you in such a scenario? Should they expand on their own stories? Tell you more about what you will be going through? Feel free to add your ideas in a comment! I'll make sure Claire reads them.
By the way, Tranisa has published a new movie called Turning into a Girl, which might be of interest. The movie features James, who has become allergic to his own testosterone. The doctor sees only one possible solution to that problem. Don't we all!

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