Alicia Bimbo Babe

- I am afraid you have to explain this once more. It is somewhat hard to grasp. That girl over there is Mark? How is that even...
Mila Malkova from Babes.com

- No, that girl over there is Alicia. She used to be Mark, and she can still remember Mark, but there is not much of that brute left in her.

- But what happened?

- You know about Mark's fascination for occult antiques, right? He had been searching for the Magic Lamp of Khalid Ibn Yazid for a long time, believing it would give him the alchemical key to profound happiness.

- Yeah, I heard him talking about it. He believed he could use the djinn inside to help him take over the whole company. He never said so to me, of course, but I think he wanted to use it against me, too.

- Oh, yes, you were certainly a rival. So, he managed to buy the lamp from a collector in Tehran.

- And there was a genie in the lamp?

- Oh yes.

- And he was allowed three wishes?

- Yes.

- So what went wrong?

- Nothing went wrong. His three wishes were: to be immensely rich, to be sexually irresistible and to be happy forever. He planned to use all the money to take over the company, and the rest is pretty obvious. Turns out the genie focused on the eternal happiness part. The genie reckoned he would never be happy as the powerful and greedy man he was, so he he turned him into this beautiful sexy, blonde, bimbo. She is living in the present, now, and do not care a bit about the future.
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- And she is rich?

- Yepp, inherited 20 billion dollars from an unknown aunt in Alaska.

- So what do you want from me?

- To marry her, of course, so that we can get our hands on all that money!

From the Babes.com movie
- Well, I guess we should do anything we could to make an old friend happy.

Mark watched his old friend Theo enter the room, with fascination. He had never looked at him in this way before. The man looked strong and handsome. Mark knew Theo was an ambitious and powerful man, but that somehow made him even more fascinating. 

Back in his mind he could hear an alarm go off. This man was not out to help him. He was a rival. He wanted to take over the firm. But Alicia did not want the company. She wanted to be happy. She wanted this man to desire her. She wanted this strong man to make love to her. And from the impressive bulge in his pants, she reckoned she was in luck.

Imagery by Babes.com, a site with posh ladies.

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  1. Anonymous10/07/2013

    Mia Malkova is so fucking hot!

  2. Anonymous10/08/2013

    Mia Malkova is definitely one of my favorite pornstars of the past several years. So incredibly hot and limber, and you can just tell by the look on her face she really enjoys the sex.

  3. love this caption


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