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Photo from Brazzers.

Adam was slightly worried. Grandma did this trick every Christmas, adding magical ingredients to the  sweets. Seeing him, uncle Brian and Tommy stark naked, decorated as candy was always fun.

She was close to 85 years old now, however, and getting more and more confused by the day. Only two days ago she had turned the cat into a dog, and promptly forgotten all about it. This could be serious.

The three of them smiled nervously up at the old lady. “Very funny, grandma!” Adam said. “Now, can you please change us back?” The lady looked at the three, clearly annoyed. “Adam! Where are you? There are three naked ladies in your living room! What will the neighbours think?”



Big Jake

Have you ever dreamed about how it would be to become a very small woman?

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The photos are from  the TeemSkeet Exxxtra Small web site. Model: Allison Banks. Jasmine Gomez.


Earth Needs Women

I would like to draw your attention to Lilac Wren's TG movie captioning site TG Creation. There aren't many like that around, which makes this one especially valuable.

Like TG Tales, Lilac makes use of Non-English language footage to edit transgender mash-ups. This works amazingly well if you do not know the original spoken language.

Unlike TG Tales Lady Wren does not hesitate to include explicit imagery, which will please at least some of my readers.

I have taken the liberty of embedding one of her videos here, knowing well that many of you will go to her site for more.

Earth Needs Women is the story about a dark future, where 98 percent of Earth's women have been killed by a plague. Some of the remaining men are chosen for an interesting form of gender reassignment.

WARNING: This video mash-up contains sexually explicit material! It is for adults only!

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Transgender magazines, on- and offline

Did you know that there are quite a few magazines for crossdressers and transgender people out there? Some of them may be of interest to my readers.
Candy's famous Obama cover, featuring
Connie Fleming as Michelle.

Here are a few.  If you know of others, let me know. I am adding a section on magazines to my directory.

Transgender magazines


Grandmother's Medallion 2

Presley Carter from Brazzers
After Sam had told John about his grandmother's medallion, John could not wait to use it.

He wanted to find out what it felt like to be a sexy woman. It turned out he got obsessed with the whole thing, refusing to turn back again, and seducing Sam in the process.

In this follow up Sam is getting more and more intrigued by what he has witnessed, and especially the pleasure John gets from being a woman.

This is a continuation of the comic published last month.

You may download the full screen PDF here and here!

If you are using an iPad or tablet, read the photo comic over at Slideshare.


Sex, Drugs and Natalie Portman

Here is a sweet little student body swap movie many of you will love. It's fun!
Natalie Portman in Dior ad.

It is called Sex, and is part 1 of the "Sex, Drugs and Natalie Portman" trilogy.

No, it is not erotic. Not really. Well, maybe a little bit.

The director is Chad Peters.
More info here.

Speaking of Natalie Portman. She has actually performed one of the most groundbreaking gender bender videos ever invented.

The second video below is censored, but contrast between this sweet girl and her aggressive masculine moves and rapping is thought provoking.

UPDATE: Sorry! It seems the maker of this movie has removed all online files since I prepared this post (I often write posts long before they are published).

Apparently there is a full length remake called Apocalypse, CA, but to be honest with you, I do not see the similarities, although there is supposed to be a similar body switch!


The Dawn of Dawn

Here's to exploring the mysteries of the world!
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Emergency Room Sex Change

Tranisa has released a new POV video. POV is yet another three letter acronym any modern citizen needs to know. It means Point of View and refers to the fact that you (yes, you!) are the main star in the movie.

Unfortunately the whole movie starts with you (that's you again...) having a nasty motor cycle accident, which due to the laws of gravity, friction and other things I might have told you about if I paid attention in the physics class. leads to the, eh... well... some incapacitating... of your manly bits.

(If you have manly bits, that is. If you don't, well, let's say the plot soon breaks down into incoherence).

Anyway, you wake up at the hospital facing a very friendly and understanding hospital staff, who tells you that he above mentioned primary sex characteristics were not salvageable. However (ah ha!!!), they have a solution for you.

And yes, your girl friend also shows up. She always does at moments like this, doesn't she?

Staring Holly Kiss, Sapphire Blue, Jessica Jensen, Chessie Kay and Keith Hull.

The film costs US$ 14.99 and can be downloaded from the Tranisa web site!

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Lost in Antiquity

There is so much to be said about the dangers of time travel, but the going-back-in-time-and-accidentally-killing-your-grandfather is not one of them. If you kill your grandfather, you will not be born, so you will not be able to kill him. Unless you open a parallel time stream, which is a completely different matter. No, the danger with modern day time travel is that you might fuck up your calculations, and get fucked in return.

The main photos in this cap series are taken from Hustler. The main model is Aphyxia Noir.

Photos from Hustler