Big Jake

Have you ever dreamed about how it would be to become a very small woman?

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The photos are from  the TeemSkeet Exxxtra Small web site. Model: Allison Banks. Jasmine Gomez.


  1. Jeannie12/18/2013

    I really like this one! I love the idea of becoming smaller and weaker, and being protected by my old friends. Keep up the *amazing* work!

  2. Anonymous12/18/2013

    hey becca did they do a scene from your cap?Went to the site and didn't find the scene this is from any help?....thanks appreciated

  3. I gave you the wrong name. The model is Jasmine Gomez. Sorry about that!

    Members link here.

  4. i like this one the idea of shrinking or bicoming smaller great pleas more like this one


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