Welcome to Butterfly Hill

Next week I am going to launch Butterfly Hill, a new TG universe, and a brand new series.
Ellen from the truck driver's diner in Butterfly Hill.
What is  her  story and what is her future?
You will find out when reading the first episodes
of Butterfly Hill.
Model: Alanah Rae from Brazzers.

Butterfly Hill is a hidden town, found only by those drawn til it. It lies in Nevada somewhere, but does not appear on maps or satellite images. And everyone who appears in Butterfly Hill is changed for life, if he or she sleeps there.

With this series I am going to try out a broader canvas. 

This is more like a series of episodes that add up to a graphic photo novel, than a series of quick and dirty adventures. 

Yes, I have followed characters over time before -- like in the Babylon Academy series -- but not to the extent I do here.

I want these stories to breathe. I want to give the characters time to develop and time to talk. 

To the extent there is photo material for it, I will aslo make more use of frames without text, where the story is told by the images instead of  text.

Each episode has nearly twice the length of a normal Xandra story, so you may want to read these in more than one go.


New fiction from TGStories: The Blonde Leading the Blonde

Illustration by Valerie Hope
Valerie Hope has written a new ebook for TGStories called The Blonde leading the Blonde. It is a science fiction story where artificial intelligence meets nanotech.

I must admit I enjoyed the reflections of the artificial intelligence, Cassie, very much. She tries hard to make sense out of human psychology and the concept of pleasure, and some of her conclusions are hilarious.

An accident i the lab causes the three main male characters to be covered in green nanogoo, and since Cassie has the ability to control the nanotechnology, she does her best to help the three get as much pleasure as humanly possible.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she uses the porn downloaded by the guys as a baseline for determening what is pleasurable and what is not, and she leads them all down Blonde Bimbo Lane.

The book is illustrated by the author. You can buy it over at Lulu for US$ 8.95

TG Stories has also published two other ebooks by Valerie recently. Here are some very short summaries:

Nailed  is  about a group of wives who bring their good for nothing husbands to a “special” salon for a transformation. Each husband is transformed into a different type of very sexy woman. Each with their own unique past and style. The wives find that their memories of their former husbands is also altered, and they are left with a new relationship with the sexy young things.

The Clothes Makes the Man is about Pete who has worked for years as an emergency medical technician, and who now finds that a back injury forces him to go back to school to become a registered nurse. But something strange starts to happen…and Pete, the tough guy, starts to turn into Amber the sexy nurse!


Guest Cap. Word Of Power

Here is an interesting and sexy story i got from Courtney over at Rachel's Haven.

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Click on image to enlarge!


A Sucking Sucker at Soccer

Bridgette B from Brazzers
Here is an absolutely ridiculous blonde bimbo story for you.

It has a bit about soccer as well, which my American readers won't understand, but no worry: Sports will never become the main focus of this site. Not that kind of sports, anyway.

I have no idea why I make such silly stories. I really don't!

By the way: The main star of this story is wonderful Bridgette B from Brazzers.

You can download the full size PDF file from Box or Divshare!

Click here to read it full screen over at Slideshare, or you may click on the small four arrow button below to read it in its full glory -- right here!


New Sissy Blog:CCC

Sissy Paulina has put up a new sissy blog over at tumbl called CCC which you might want to visit.

There are some very creative caps there, both design and story wise. The caps contain explicit text but non-explicit imagery.

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Guest Cap: Subject M

JaySeaver has made me this cap about devious Rebecca. (I can be, you know, devious I mean).

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Old Friends

The reality distortion bombs that struck California turned a lot of lives upside down. Or inside out, rather, as the technology the terrorists used copied the code of bodies from a parallell universe and transfered it to men and women in our universe.

In this story, two old friends meets again, facing a very different dynamics.

Images from RealityKings.com.

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New feminization video site: You Will Dress!

My British friends from Tranisa.com have launched a new crossdresser video site called You Will Dress!

If you are into domination and humiliation, this is definitely for you. Here are dominant women telling you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Here you find sex role changing, shemales, sex change, feminization, sissy French maids, medical transformation, before and after transformations, sissification and enforced crossdressing stories.

And there is some really good acting, too. Besides: Paige Turnah from my photo comic The Mother Maker is there. How cool is that?

Here is their promotional trailer.




Tour de France 1

Gary dell'Abate, the notorious mafia boss is back!

Some of you  may remember last year's story, The Hunter and the Prey, where Gary got a powerful spell from a witch outside Prague.

The spell allows him to change any male opponent into a girl, which he does with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately this easily leads to a lack of male muscle.

In the new series he is going to Paris, to inspect his European affiliates.

The photos are from Brazzers!

Click here for all the stories about Gary dell'Abate, in reverse order.

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Thinking things through

Another quick TG caption series for you.

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Model: Chealsea from Reality Kings.


New TG video caption site

There is a new TG video caption site in town called TG Creation.

TG Creation is the work of Lilac Wren, who is following in the tradition of TG Tales. However, unlike TG Tales, Lilac does not shy away from hard core imagery.

I can tell you that finding pictures for longer photo comics is hard enough. Finding footage for videos is much harder, but Lilac definitely knows where to look.

One neat trick in video captioning is to make use of foreign language footage and make up your own translation. It works well as long as your audience does not know the original language.

I have embedded the video Drawn into the Underworld, where Lilac makes use of this technique. You can download the movie from TG Creation.

Please note that TG Creation stores movies as partitioned rar-files. All you need is some free rar-extraction software like UnrarX for the Mac or rarlab for Windows.

WARNING! This video contains explicit imagery and is for adults only!