Old Friends

The reality distortion bombs that struck California turned a lot of lives upside down. Or inside out, rather, as the technology the terrorists used copied the code of bodies from a parallell universe and transfered it to men and women in our universe.

In this story, two old friends meets again, facing a very different dynamics.

Images from RealityKings.com.

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  1. Beautiful... Positive... Wish it included marriage, pregnancy and breast feeding

  2. Lovely, Rebecca! Friends 'reconnecting for the first time' is a wonderful thing! As would becoming a brown-bombshell like Janine be, even if at the hands of some terrorist devise!


  3. You do such a great job of having the story work with the pictures!

  4. This was beautiful.

    I feel like it may have moved a little too fast from her being hesitant to climbing all over him, but you can only work with what the images give you! Still, it was great!


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