New fiction from TGStories: The Blonde Leading the Blonde

Illustration by Valerie Hope
Valerie Hope has written a new ebook for TGStories called The Blonde leading the Blonde. It is a science fiction story where artificial intelligence meets nanotech.

I must admit I enjoyed the reflections of the artificial intelligence, Cassie, very much. She tries hard to make sense out of human psychology and the concept of pleasure, and some of her conclusions are hilarious.

An accident i the lab causes the three main male characters to be covered in green nanogoo, and since Cassie has the ability to control the nanotechnology, she does her best to help the three get as much pleasure as humanly possible.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she uses the porn downloaded by the guys as a baseline for determening what is pleasurable and what is not, and she leads them all down Blonde Bimbo Lane.

The book is illustrated by the author. You can buy it over at Lulu for US$ 8.95

TG Stories has also published two other ebooks by Valerie recently. Here are some very short summaries:

Nailed  is  about a group of wives who bring their good for nothing husbands to a “special” salon for a transformation. Each husband is transformed into a different type of very sexy woman. Each with their own unique past and style. The wives find that their memories of their former husbands is also altered, and they are left with a new relationship with the sexy young things.

The Clothes Makes the Man is about Pete who has worked for years as an emergency medical technician, and who now finds that a back injury forces him to go back to school to become a registered nurse. But something strange starts to happen…and Pete, the tough guy, starts to turn into Amber the sexy nurse!


  1. Anonymous9/27/2012

    The problem with all of these offerings is they're PDF-only. PDFs DO NOT SCALE. What that means to a reader who may need a larger font size to read comfortably is that the book promptly becomes unreadable unless one actually prints it out (losing the illustrations color) or you have to scan/scroll down for the lines.

  2. Good point. Someone should develop a simple tool that transformed Word-documents into PDFs, epub, Kindle-format, HTML5, Apple Books and so on in one go.

    I realize it is not easy. Trying to prepare a file for the Kindle is hard work.

  3. There is such a tool already out there that does of those conversions and it's a free download. It's called Calibre E-Book Management.

    Just Google it.

  4. Oh thank you! I will look at it myself and inform the publisher of these books.


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