Change of Mood

Here is a quick TG caption series for you.

The model is Marcelly from RK.com.
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Fruit of the Woods

Krissy Lynn and Angelina Valentin
from Brazzers.com
Two good male friends go hiking in the woods...

Yeah, there is a punch line here somewhere, but I am not going to tell you... yet.

Needless to say, the owls are not what they seem, and the man who tells them what part of the forest to avoid, isn't exactly a regular man either.

But the weather is good.

The squirrels are sweet (not that real men care about that sort of thing), and the forest is full of prey (not that our urban boys have ever killed an animal).

In short: It is a perfect day. The a strange mist appears.

This is as close as a Neil Gaiman story I will ever get. And yes, there is a follow up in the making.

The erotic photos are taken from the goldmine of sexy imagery: Brazzers.

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Well, TGtales continue to make seriously funny TG vide mashups over at YouTube. Here is a shortie:

And here is one of her classics:


Guest Cap: Broken Heart

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This is a cap MC made for me. Thanks MC!

The model is Samantha Saint and the photo is taken from Passion HD.


Teenage Love

Alyssa Branch from Brazzers
I am still exploring my reality distortion series, as it give me the possibility of exploring what would have happened in the lives of regular men if they were to be changed into women.

You know, without all the commandeering witches and wizards and all that.

The reality distortion bombs were exploded over the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco by urban terrorists. The bombs tore holes in reality leading to an exchange of cosmic code between parallel universes.

Men suddenly found themselves stranded in the bodies of women from a parallell world, while -- I guess -- their own bodies have become the property of the women in that other universe.

Yes, it is difficult to understand, I know, but if you buy me a glass of chilled white wine one day I will write down the quantum equation on a napkin.

Anyway, in this story we follow another changeling, a teenage boy who is trying hard to adapt to his new life as a woman. He gets an invitation for a job interview. Turns out his contact is interested in more than a job.

This is actually one of the stories where the character decides to go in another direction than I had originally planned. This one turns out to be one tough girl, indeed.

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The photos are taken from the hidden chambers of Brazzers.com.

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Teenage Love


Virtual Vacation

If you have not seen it already: Smitty has published another fascinating interactive photo active over at her TG caption blog.

You may follow the rules and explore the various alternative endings to the  stories included, or you may cheat and read them as they are.

Regardless, you get a lot of delicious TG fiction in one big file.

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