Fruit of the Woods

Krissy Lynn and Angelina Valentin
from Brazzers.com
Two good male friends go hiking in the woods...

Yeah, there is a punch line here somewhere, but I am not going to tell you... yet.

Needless to say, the owls are not what they seem, and the man who tells them what part of the forest to avoid, isn't exactly a regular man either.

But the weather is good.

The squirrels are sweet (not that real men care about that sort of thing), and the forest is full of prey (not that our urban boys have ever killed an animal).

In short: It is a perfect day. The a strange mist appears.

This is as close as a Neil Gaiman story I will ever get. And yes, there is a follow up in the making.

The erotic photos are taken from the goldmine of sexy imagery: Brazzers.

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  1. Anonymous8/25/2012

    As a practicing witch myself I loved the green man / forest magic theme to the story. Nice touch. Especially since it did not really go against any of the principles of the beliefs of Wiccans aside from the fact that the transformation part does not happen as such in real life. But in blending it all together as you did, you did a great job. (Monica)

  2. I have the feeling that the 'wooded man' is not a god at all, just some lucky bloke squatting off-the-grid. Though, I'd have to say the luckiest bloke there had strawberry-blonde hair and bright-blue eyes! Getting my wood felled to have such furrows and hills planted instead would be a wonderful thing!

    A great piece of work, Rebecca! I cannot wait to see the next installment!


  3. Anonymous8/26/2012

    What is up with women (especially porn starlets) and big, ugly, trashy tattoos lately? A little heart or butterfly or something, okay, but sleeves and cr*p like that even look coarse on men, let alone on women. I truly hope this is a trend that ends soon, because it makes my willy shrivel (the exact opposite of what porn should do, I believe).

    The story is again excellent though, as always.

  4. Smart, not to serious
    Nice setting and easy on the eyes mostly
    And wow exciting too
    Add a nursing/breast milk scene and/or preg picture and it's special

  5. Very neatly done. Cute story and I eagerly await the followup.


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